Here are seven companies that have recently launched jet card membership programs

The number of new jet card providers and programs has grown more than 20% in just the past three years.

By Doug Gollan, April 28, 2018

The number of new jet card providers and programs has grown more than 20% in just the past three years


Over the past three years, there are at least seven new private jet card providers that have entered the market, either start-ups or existing aviation companies that have launched jet card programs. Additionally, there are at least three or four programs soon to be launched we are aware of and getting ready to fill you in on the details.


One sign of a market’s vibrancy is new competition and innovation, and for the jet card segment that certainly is true. There are more than 35 providers, over half launched since the Great Recession, and in the past 30 months, we have seen 20% growth. Speaking regularly to private aviation users as well as suppliers and keeping up with industry research reports, I peg the growth of jet cards to four factors:


  • Jet cards are easier than on-demand charter, which takes work getting quotes from multiple brokers every trip, analyzing aircraft and operator options, transferring funds, plus jet cards provide service recovery.
  • Depending on when and where you are traveling, jet cards can be less expensive than on-demand charter.
  • While fractional ownership is a great way to access private aviation, there is less taste today for making a three-to-five year commitment and gambling on residual values.
  • Innovation in the jet card market means you can find cards starting at 10 hours and ranging to 100 hours as well as pay as you go and dynamic pricing models.


Who’s new in jet card programs?


Since late 2015, we have seen the launch of programs from ECOJETS, ProspAir Jet Charter, Star Jets International, StraightLine Private Air, TeeBee Jets, Wholesale Jet Club, and Unity Jets. Charter broker Victor has also said it will launch its version of jet cards in the U.S. this year, while Canadian broker Jettly has launched a program, although we are still waiting to see all the details. Priester Aviation has been testing jet card products in Chicago and Dallas, and we are watching for a potential rollout. XOJET has also moved from offering a jet card product exclusive to its fleet to a membership model that includes its fast-growing broker business with Midsize and Light Jet card products. There are several other companies we understand will be launching cards as well, so stay tuned.


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