Private Jet Card Comparisons selects "Best Jet Cards For Summer Travel"

By Doug Gollan, May 22, 2018

If you want to get the most out of your summer vacation travel but aren’t ready to spend $100,000 or more on a jet card, check out these programs that won’t break the bank


Airline delays can easily ruin those quick summer getaways, however, having a private jet at one’s disposal can make those weekend trips a pleasure. For flights under two hours, flying privately can cut travel by more than half, and while popular jet card membership programs typically start at $100,000 and can cost over $1 millionPrivate Jet Card Comparisons has identified jet cards that will let travelers take flight without breaking the bank, starting at under $10,000.

Benefits of jet cards over regular charter typically include published standards for sourcing aircraft and pilots, 24/7 customer service, guaranteed availability and fixed pricing so you know what you will pay in advance. Best of all, there is one call and even smartphone booking via apps so arranging your private flight is even faster than booking an airline ticket. And if something goes wrong, unlike the airlines, you won’t be stranded. Jet card providers get you a backup plane so you can get where you are going with minimal delay. You also get the entire aircraft, which means jet cards are great for families and with most jet card programs pets are welcome.

Private Jet Card Comparisons’ summer jet card picks where private jet cost won’t stop you:


$50,000 Jet Cards

Air Partner, Luxury Aircraft Solutions, JetSuite, Paramount Business Jets, PrivateFly, StraightLine Private Air, and XOJET all have programs for $50,000. Depending on the size and type of aircraft chosen, travelers can get as many as 12 hours of flight time on a jet, which could mean lots of weekends flying privately. Best of all, most programs allow pets and some such as JetSuite guarantee WiFi so everyone can stay entertained. Even better, some programs allow jet card clients to refund unused funds, so those who decide they prefer middle seats and TSA security lines can get their money back.

A $37,500 Jet Card From Concord Private Jet

Concord Private Jet offers a 10-hour turboprop guide for $37,500 that is great for those beach and mountain getaways or enjoying a single-day golf outing. If clients decide private flying isn’t for them, unused time is refundable.

These Jet Cards are $25,000

Airstream Jets and Unity Jets both have programs starting at $25,000 for any type of aircraft desired. If the concept of paying by the hour doesn’t make sense, Airstream prices its flights by the distance ranging from $7 to $23 per mile based on size of aircraft.

Jet Cards for $15,000 and Under

For those traveling to Europe, forget RailEurope or renting a car. Fly Aeolus’ 15-hour Personal Card is priced under $12,500 at current exchange rates on a Cirrus SR22 single-engine propeller plane. Clients are limited to three people, but it’s a great way to get to those mountain and beach resorts that are in locations that are desirable but often hard to reach.

OneFlight International offers a $15,000 5-hour jet card for a single roundtrip on a Light Jet, including taxes. However, it only releases the cards on a limited basis so travelers will need to check.

Jet Linx Aviation, Skyjet and Wheels Up provide you access to fixed one-way prices and guaranteed availability. With each program, members pay a membership fee ranging from $9,500 to $17,500starting at $3,375 per hour. With Wheels Up, if you buy belong to Big Box retailer Costco, you get a $3,000 Costco Cash Card and you can even buy online.

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