VistaJet launches ‘Adventures in the Sky’ for young fliers

If just flying on a private jet isn’t enough for your flock, VistaJet is offering a series of customized flying experiences starting at $40,000 for kids of all ages


So we do like to get news about the private jet card and fractional companies to you first, however, in this case, we thought writer Adrien Glover’s piece for Bloomberg about VistaJet’s new children’s programs was of interest. And yes, it’s quite a bit more than some free coloring books and a plastic wings or a captain’s hat, although that was always enough for us. Prices do start at $4,000 not including the hourly rate of flying which starts at $12,000. Of course, you can have the Mad Hatter aboard leading the youngsters in games of dominos and croquet. And, yes, let them eat truffles, the chocolate type. It’s part of the package or better yet experience.  Since VistaJet also serves catering from Nobu as standard fare perhaps it was about time to take care of an age group that may not be impressed with raw fish.

Executive AirShare scores football partnership with the Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas-based private aviation company sells fractional shares, leases and jet cards


The Kansas City Chiefs announced yesterday announced that NFL football team has signed a long-term partnership agreement with Executive AirShare which will make the privately owned aircraft service provider the club’s first-ever Official Private Aircraft Services Partner. 

Jet card and private jet charter seller Air Partner suspends shares on continued accounting woes (Updated)

Shares in U.K. traded Air Partner were suspended yesterday as it continues to work through accounting woes it says are not related to current trading


Note:  Air Partner has provided a statement to Private Jet Card Comparisons at the end of this article.

Air Partner, which sells jet cards and on-demand charter, said it had agreed to suspend trading in its shares yesterday, according to multiple reports from the U.K. A report in The Telegraph, said Air Partner and its board had agreed with auditor Deloitte it would now not be able to publish its annual accounts until June 11 at the latest and requested the shares be suspended until then. Air Partner chairman Peter Saunders, commented the delay was “extremely frustrating and hugely disappointing,” continuing, “It is a reflection of the volume of work, which began seven weeks ago, to conclude a transparent, thorough, and exhaustive internal review and audit.” 

Fly Private Friday – We showcase some of the luckiest dogs around as they enjoy the private jet experience

When you buy a jet card your happiest friend may be your best friend. In this edition of #FlyPrivateFriday we scan social media to showcase another good reason to #FlyPrivate – your dog will love you for it!


Before we showcase some lucky dogs, remember, before you buy a jet card subscribe to Private Jet Card Comparisons to compare the pet travel policies for over 250 jet card programs. OK, now onto the cute dogs! 

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