Is NetJets readying a new jet card?

By Doug Gollan, July 27, 2018

NetJets is the largest operator of private jets in the world, but it doesn’t offer all of its aircraft types in jet cards. Which one is next?


NetJets has previously said the jet card flying accounts for about 20% of flights with its core business of fractional shares and leases taking up the lion’s share. Currently, it has five jet specific cards covering light, midsize, super midsize and large private jets, a combination card that enables buyers to split time between two types, a cross-country card and an Elite card, which includes FET and fuel surcharges in pricing. There are no turboprops in the NetJets fleet, but it has a number of aircraft not in the jet card programs. 


The current stars of NetJets card program include the Dassault Falcon 2000 and Gulfstream G450 in large jets, Cessna Citation X in super midsize, Citation Sovereign in midsize cabins and then the Citation Excel/XLS in the light jet size, although one could argue the latter is, in fact, a midsize jet.


NetJets jet card fleet


So what’s not in the jet card inventory? The Bombardier Global 5000/6000, Challenger 650/350, Citation Sovereign and Embraer Phenom 300 currently aren’t included in any of NetJets card program, but now we are told the very popular Phenom 300 will soon be available via 25 or 50-hour jet cards. What’s the timing? We understand no timing is set, but it is something that is more than just chatter and something that will happen.

NetJets fractional jet card

In our opinion, it’s a smart move. NetJets’ 2010 Phenom 300 order called for a minimum of 50 of the light jets with an option for 75 more. As of May 2017, Flight Global reported 64 Phenom 300s were in operation for the Berkshire Hathaway owned provider either in the U.S. or Europe. While NetJets may have a high demand for the Phenom 300 from its fractional and lease customers, as a fleet operator, it can always upgrade those folks into larger jets that might be better located for that client’s mission. At the same time, the Phenom 300 has been the top selling light jet for a number of years as is well liked from a number of perspectives, so it is likely there will be strong customer demand to have it at 25 hours in a jet card format.


According to data by Conklin & de Decker, the Phenom 300 has a range when full of 1,811 nautical miles, 2,084 statute miles, the longest of any light jet currently being manufactured. It is also second only to the Pilatus PC-24 in baggage space. Currently, the Phenom 300 is available from several jet card sellers including Executive AirShare, Flexjet, JetSuite, Nicholas Air, and OneFlight International.





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