Private jet broker Wijet says it is continuing its plans to restructure

By Doug Gollan, August 22, 2018

The European private jet broker nee operator says it is still moving forward in its plans to develop a new business plan


While it’s not clear that the company is actively taking reservations for immediate travel, its management is saying the negative vibes are from former employees and competitors. It also apparently retains its relationship with Air France which is still featured both on its website and that of the airline, although it also still has a link to its now inactive air operator’s certificate that it gave back when it closed its U.K. subsidiary earlier this summer. 


Court documents forwarded to Private Jet Card Comparisons from the ongoing reorganization dated Aug. 8, 2018 show the company currently has 23 employees. While finances appear thin, the document states, “The Company has an available asset of €700,000, its current liability being €500,000. It is therefore not in a state of cessation of payments.” The company apparently has six months to manage its debt, under the supervision of a judiciary administrator named by the Trade Court.

Wijet jet card private jet

We were told that Wijet was no longer accepting reservations, however, when we made a call to check it out for ourselves, we were advised that while it was not possible to get a quote for travel this week, it would be possible to get a quote for flights later in the month. The person taking the call also told us, as the company has previously said, it is using third-party charters until it can have its own third-party operated aircraft in service later this year.


In an email from Wijet CEO Jean Francois Hochenauer, he says, “This is part of our group’s planned subsidiaries restructuring as we focus our resources on Wijet Luxembourg as already shared back in June. It is a private process (not a bankruptcy) by which the CEO stays in command and can restructure the remainder of the French’ subsidiaries debts (which are minimal compared to the UK’s). UK restructuring has been completed efficiently. So yes, former employees and competition are trying to hurt our company and its employees, at a time when we transition, by leaking internal documents. Nothing to hide. Still, some media have understood what is going on and are waiting for our announcements. We should rather talk about our future plans instead which we plan to announce with selected media in the coming weeks.”


The company said that it would protect the funds of U.K. jet card holders after closing its company there. At this point, we have not heard from any Wijet charter or jet card customers who have lost money to the company.

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