Sentient Jet is the top-rated jet card program for satisfaction by readers of Business Jet Traveler

By Doug Gollan, September 26, 2018

Sentient Jet bested JetSuite, JetAviation, VistaJet, and Delta Private Jets as the highest rated jet card program for overall satisfaction, according to the annual reader survey from Business Jet Traveler while JetSuite took the top spot in the most categories


Sentient Jet likes to say it was first – that it invented the jet card. It can also say it’s the best when it comes to overall satisfaction, at least according to the 8th annual Readers’ Choice Survey from Business Jet Traveler. The survey generated 1,487 responses, a 24% increase from 2017 and covers everything from jet cards to reasons readers fly privately Best Jet Cards 2018 (Saving time followed by ability to use airports airlines don’t serve were far and away the top selections), top fractional programs (Flexjet beat out NetJets), where the flights took place (71% said within North America), how many passengers (53% said 3-to-5 with only 8% flying solo), typical distance (77% were under 1,500 miles), and favorite aircraft and helicopter models.


Business Jet Traveler Jet Card Survey Overall Satisfaction Results


  1. Sentient Jet – 4.41
  2. JetSuite – 4.25
  3. Jet Aviation – 4.23
  4. VistaJet – 4.14
  5. Delta Private Jets – 4.13
  6. Wheels Up – 4.09
  7. Executive Jet Management – 4.03
  8. XOJET – 4.00
  9. NetJets – 3.96


Readers were asked to rate each program on the basis of aircraft model choices, availability of aircraft on short notice, customer service, peak-day policies, and value for price paid as well. Sentient ranked first in the availability of aircraft on short notice, however, JetSuite was the winner in customer service, peak-day policies, and value for price paid. Jet Aviation ranked first in aircraft model choices.


Sentient’s top ranking in satisfaction was driven by the fact that 100% of respondents rated it excellent or very good. JetSuite was close behind with 94% of readers ranking it excellent or very good.


The survey also included membership and charter programs but results didn’t include a number of prominent jet card programs, including Air Partner, Airstream Jets, Executive AirShare, Flexjet, Jet Linx, Magellan Jets, Solairus Aviation, StraightLine and a host of others as there was not a sufficient number of responses, according to the publication. There are currently at least 40 different jet card providers and over 250 programs, according to research by Private Jet Card Comparisons.

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