How to visit Amazon’s new headquarters in Washington D.C., New York City and Nashville

By Doug Gollan, November 14, 2018

PrivateFly recommends the best airports to use and gives you some on-demand charter quotes so you can budget your trips


Earlier this week Amazon announced their second headquarters location will be split between Long Island City in Queens, New York, Crystal City in Arlington, Virginia and Nashville, Tennessee. If you do business with the online retailer of everything, jet card and charter broker PrivateFly ran some numbers so you can budget those private jet flights for your future meetings.


Closest Private Jet Airports Near Amazon Headquarters


Seattle Boeing Field (BFI) is located just five miles from Seattle, Washington and can handle international flights. It is a 20-minute drive from the Amazon Seattle headquarters.


Dulles International Airport (KIAD) is located in Dulles, Virginia, a 45-minute drive from Crystal City in Arlington. PrivateFly notes while Ronald Reagan Airport is closer in distance, this airport is primarily used for government flights and requires security clearances and permits to land, making Dulles a more accessible option for business travel.


New York’s La Guardia Airport (LGA) is closest – about five miles away, however, PrivateFly says for a really VVIP arrival fly into Teterboro Airport (KTEB) even though it’s located two bridges away in New Jersey. With New York traffic the 18-mile trip can take two hours, so PrivateFly recommends chartering a helicopter to the new office which is planned to have a helipad.


Nashville International Airport (BNA) is a 15-minute drive into the heart of town and Amazon’s Tennessee base.


And in case you were looking for prices to charter a private jet, PrivateFly estimates:


– Seattle to New York on Citation X (9 seats) is $49,000 one way or $56,000 roundtrip


– Seattle to DC via Gulfstream GIV (12 seats) is $60,000 one way or $68,000 roundtrip


– New York to DC via Phenom 300 (7 seats) is $10,000 one way or $17,000 roundtrip


-Seattle to Nashville via Hawker 800 (8 seats) is $26,000 one-way or $32,000 roundtrip


– New York to Nashville via Citation Sovereign (8 seats) is $18,500 one-way or $23,000 roundtrip


–  DC to Nashville via Phenom 300 (7 seats) is $14,000 one-way or $17,500 roundtrip


If you were wondering why roundtrip flights are priced so close to one-way pricing, we’re assuming the PrivateFly quotes are for the private aviation definition of roundtrip which generally entails flying back to the starting airport the same day or the next day, typically with at least two billable hours of flight time per day. If you are asking why they care when you come back, the answer is roundtrip business aviation pricing for on-demand charter is based on the operator being able to use the same plane and crew those cutting out repositioning fees.

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