Zero commission private jet charter broker Jettly is coming to the U.S.

Toronto-based jet card and on-demand charter broker Jettly is opening its first U.S. office in New York.

By Doug Gollan, February 5, 2019

Toronto-based jet card and on-demand charter broker Jettly is opening its first U.S. office in New York

After launching in Canada in 2016, Jettly is now looking to expands its customer base by opening an office in New York. In a press release, Jettly said it saves its customers on average about 20% of their private charter expenditures by charging “flat fully transparent rates for air charters without the normal commission of most private air charter brokers.”

Jettly’s office will be at 305 Broadway in Manhattan. The company offers four different pricing options. It is headquartered in Toronto.

Free Membership

Jettly’s Free membership enables you to submit unlimited air charter flight requests through the application however information like the charter operators name, contact information, logo, and aircraft registration numbers are not displayed on the quotes you receive. You also get telephone, email and chat support.

Personal Membership

In addition to the benefits of Free Membership, Personal Membership for $370 per month allows you to arrange one standard or empty leg charter booking per month through the Jettly network. This means it could be just a one way flight or a multi-stop multi-leg itinerary. Each time you book an itinerary you use up one credit. The Jettly JET MILES program allows you to build flight credits each time you fly a standard charter flight with Jettly. JET MILES build at a rate of $10 in flight credits per 1000 miles flown. You can redeem these flight credits towards your monthly or annual membership cost or use them on products and services offered throughout the year by the company’s retail partners. You also get a personal flight coordinator and $20 per month catering credit.

Business Membership

In addition to the benefits of Free and Personal Membership, a Business Membership at $670 per month provides Skype and Slack access, a $30 per month catering credit and free Uber Black transfers at select airports.

Jettly Jet Card

The Jettly Jet Card is priced at $970 per month and offers unlimited zero commission on-demand charter and a $50 per month catering credit as well as all the benefits of other membership tiers. All memberships come without contracts and can be cancelled at any time.

Jettly says its direct to consumer pricing model strips out broker commissions and replaces and replaces it with its monthly fee structure. You can cancel or re-activate at any time, even after your first flight. The company says it currently has 2,500 members.

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