New private jet charter broker rules are backed by Sentient Jet

By Doug Gollan, February 14, 2019

The new rules require private jet charter brokers to disclose who is operating the flight and other key information to consumers

Directional Aviation Sentient Jet said it supports the newly established Air Charter Broker regulations established by the Department of Transportation, which set a new standard for best practices within the private aviation industry. Taking effect today, it’s the first-ever set of rules for brokers and mandates transparency.

“Since its inception 20 years ago, Sentient Jet has been guided by the very principles of safety and transparency that are being called for through the new regulations, and we’re pleased to see that these measures are being standardized throughout the industry,” said Andrew Collins, president and CEO of Sentient Jet. “With these new practices in place, consumers who are new to private aviation can have peace of mind that they’re receiving the best possible product, which will undoubtedly have a profound impact on the charter market as a whole. As the inventor and leader of the category, we celebrate this historical moment and look forward to continuing to do our part in driving the industry to new heights.”

New Rules For Air Charter Brokers

The new regulations require air charter brokers to comply with consumer protection provisions for air transportation services that they have arranged or been party to arranging on their client’s behalf. For each service they provide, brokers must disclose legal and DBA name flight operator or carrier, the capacity in which the broker is acting for the transaction and any additional liability insurance that the broker carries for the transaction.

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Additionally, when asked by their clients, brokers must disclose the nature of any corporate or business relationships that they have with the operator or carrier which may affect their interest in the transaction, as well as the total cost of the service and the total cost of any fees that are not included in the flight quote.

An Encouraging First Step

“We welcome the new DOT regulations and are encouraged by this first step at regulating our Air Charter Broker industry,” said Adam Hohulin, senior vice president of operations of Sentient Jet. “While reputable brokers have been following these practices all along, the new regulations represent a pivotal moment in private flight that will surely spearhead a new and improved standard across the industry. I encourage clients booking through a broker to view these rules as a catalyst to familiarize themselves with the process, from how a broker selects a carrier to what his or her responsibility is when an abnormal situation arises. These new layers of understanding will benefit both existing and first-time private jet fliers alike, broadening our industry’s ability to deliver superlative service for all.”

Best Marketing Practices

In addition to the required disclosures called for by the regulations, the new rules also address best practices for marketing, prohibiting any unfair or deceptive strategies that do not serve to benefit the client directly. Moving forward, brokers must not misrepresent themselves as direct air carriers, which would imply a misleading sense of ownership that can affect the client’s sense of security. Further, brokers must not falsely represent the kinds of services being contracted, the type of aircraft procured, the qualifications of any crewmembers, or membership in an organization that audits or meets the standard of an organization that audits brokers, operators or carriers.

More Information For Private Aviation Consumers

“At Sentient Jet, we embrace the fact that we are one of the world’s largest air charter brokers and that this comes with the great privilege and responsibility of optimizing the experience for our (jet card) cardholders. This mission has earned us the moniker of the most thoughtful way to fly, and our proven safety, sourcing and service processes fosters clients’ sense of trust in private aviation and keeps them coming back year after year,” continued Hohulin. “These required disclosures are a great start at providing private fliers as a whole – not just those with us at Sentient Jet – with some of the pertinent information that can better help them make informed decisions from here on out. We’re looking forward to continuous growth within the industry as a result.”

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