Private Jet Card Comparisons debuts Best Private Jet Charter Brokers Guide

By Doug Gollan, February 10, 2019

Best Private Jet Charter Brokers Guide is the first guide that takes into account ARGUS and Wyvern certification along with Trustpilot, Facebook, Glassdoor and Better Business Bureau ratings

There more than 3,000 private aviation charter brokers and charter operators globally. To help paid subscribers more easily find those brokers who have registered and certified themselves as well as the largest floating fleet operators and jet card providers who also offer on-demand brokerage services, Private Jet Card Comparisons has created Best Private Jet Charter Brokers Guide.

84 leading private jet charter brokers in one place

From thousands, the guide has narrowed the selection down to 84 brokers and operators screened by providers that have either ARGUS or Wyvern broker certification or registration, have completed PJCC’s 65-point checklist for jet cards and/or operators that have a floating fleet of at least 40 aircraft.

In one easy-to-use spreadsheet, users can compare business aircraft charter brokers by whether or not they are certified or registered with ARGUS or Wyvern and other key factors pertaining to charter operators.

ARGUS and Wyvern private aircraft brokers

ARGUS rated charter brokers are evaluated and uphold 10 ‘Standards of Excellence,’ including ethical and legal business practices; compliance with applicable rules; regulations and customer dictated preferences; fiscal integrity and appropriate transparency throughout the transaction; recourse mechanisms for complaints, disputes, investigation and resolution; passenger safety and security; perform due diligence on charter operators in a systematic and consistent manner; compliance with industry standards for charter brokers; aviation knowledge and brokering experience; passenger comfort and service; and employee hiring and training practice relevant to this business.

The ARGUS brokers have signed a commitment to uphold these practices and provided proof of specific requirements. Certified Brokers must have attained Registered Broker status and maintained good standing for at least six months. To achieve Certified status requires an onsite audit.

Wyvern brokers have access to the Wyvern Safety Intelligence Report (SIR) database to research charter operators who have demonstrated a commitment to safe operating practices and provide clients with verification that each trip meets Wyvern’s safety standards with the Wingman PASS trip verification program.

Compare BBB, Facebook, Trustpilot and Glassdoor jet broker ratings

A Fast Sort feature enables users to find brokers that have attained status with both ARGUS and Wyvern. Additionally, subscribers can compare Facebook, Trustpilot, Glassdoor and Better Business Bureau ratings for companies that participate or are rated by those services, including the ability to sort by ratings. The Best Private Jet Charter Brokers guide also enables users to see which providers are part of the Private Jet Card Comparisons’ database of more than 50 companies that sell jet cards and view the sourcing standards for operators and pilots for those companies.

While other guides feature thousands or providers or serve as lead generators taking commissions on sales and highlight advertisers, Private Jet Card Comparisons remains a neutral service for the benefit of its paid subscribers who can also compare over 300 jet card programs by more than 65 variables.  Subscribers also get access to Quick Compare Flight Pricing for jet cards as well as VIP Jet Card Decider which provides subscribers personalized help in finding the jet card programs that best match their needs.

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