European jet card seller GlobeAir launches new branding, expands the fleet

By Doug Gollan, April 18, 2019

The European jet card operator is expanding its fleet of Cessna Citation Mustang private jets

Austria-based GlobeAir AG has launched a new brand image. Additionally, it is adding four Cessna Citation Mustangs previously operated by Wijet expanding its fleet by 25%.

European very light jet operator GlobeAir AG which uses a fleet of owned Cessna Citation Mustangs to provide jet cards and sell on-demand charter is expanding its fleet and giving itself a new look.

Two of the four new additional aircraft, which were formerly operated by Wijet, will be operating by the summer, according to GlobeAir officials. Currently, there are no plans for more airplanes, meaning that when all are flying, the operator will have a fleet of 20.

In terms of its new look, the company said its revamped corporate identity includes soft changes toa modified logo, a revisited claim, and a brand-new hashtag (#MyPrivateJet) all designed to reflect core values.

Globe Air has established the #MyPrivateJet hashtag as part of its rebranding

In a press release, it said, “As the first private jet charter company offering online booking, the company has long focused on providing all-in-one travel solutions to help travelers move fast and cost-effectively; not only does GlobeAir offer on-demand private jet charters but also ad-hoc transfers and travel recommendations.”

Private jet luxury partnerships

It said so far this year it has renewed and added new partnerships with Alfa Romeo Racing, Louis Roederer, and Amber Lounge Monaco.

The company said of the rebranding, “On the one hand, it aims to represent the company’s attitude: modern, fast-paced and ever-connected; yet it positions GlobeAir as a tech-driven service company rather than a mere private jet charter provider.”

“Whether it’s on board or with its on-the-ground services, GlobeAir’s objective is to be foremost in the traveler’s mind when it comes to choosing a peerless travel experience,” its CEO Bernhard Fragner said in a written statement.

He pointed to top-class sporting events like the F1 Grand Prix and cultural exhibitions like the Cannes Film Festival as places customers can “trust GlobeAir to make their attendance even more memorable with sojourns at some of the best hotels, restaurant, and hospitality facilities in Europe.”

Jet card pricing

GlobeAir offers three jet cards pegged at 25, 50 and 100 hours with guaranteed availability on a 72, 48 or 24 hours basis, respectively. Pre-payments are € 25,000, € 50,000, and € 100,000 and then pay-as-you-go. Jet card hourly rates begin at € 1,500 roundtrip and € 2,900 one-way. The segment minimum is 60 minutes with no taxi time. Deicing insurance is offered at € 3,000 per year. Empty legs start from € 590. Seating capacity in the Mustangs if four seats.

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