Nicholas Air adds the Challenger 300 to its jet card program

By Doug Gollan, July 30, 2019

The privately-owned operator offers several jet card options across its fleet

Mississippi-based Nicholas Air is adding range to its jet card fleet with at least one Bombardier Challenger 300. The company already operates the Citation Latitude, Phenom 300, Citation CJ3, Phenom 100 and Pilatus PC-12.

The move adds about 500 miles to the nonstop range of the Nicholas Air fleet. According to Conklin & de Decker, The Challenger 300 has a range of 3,527 miles at capacity and 3,843 miles with four passengers. Nex up is the Latitude’s range of 2,825 and 3,302 miles, respectively.

Nicholas Air jet card programs

Nicholas Air sells three jet card programs. The Blue Jet Card is based on hours, starting at 15 hours, and includes a ratio for interchange within the fleet.

The Rise Jet Card starts at $200,000 and allows members to select the aircraft type they want for each mission at published rates discounted by deposit tier.

Its Smart Jet Card, a pay-as-you-go product doesn’t include the Challenger according to marketing material. A company official declined to comment on plans to include the Challenger in the Smart program as well as fleet plans.

Nicholas Air is adding the Bombardier Challenger 300 to its fleet effective August, 1, 2019.

Nicholas Air offers guaranteed availability and according to its promotional material, the Challenger will like its other aircraft carry a 60-minute minimum. Minimums for super-midsize aircraft often range from 90 to 120 minutes.

Nicholas Air
The Challenger adds about 500 miles in range compared to its Citation Latitude.

In addition to jet cards, Nicholas Air offers leases starting at 100 hours for 12 to 24 months and a fractional ownership program ranging from 24 to 60 months starting at 150 hours per year.

Nicholas Air
Nicholas Air offers three jet card programs plus leases and fractional ownership.

Nicholas Air is among the five most purchased programs from subscribers of Private Jet Card Comparisons. Buyer comments centered around “new aircraft” as well as “punctuality” and “great customer service,” plus “fewer peak days.”

The company is based in Oxford, Mississippi with regional offices in Atlanta, Charlotte, and San Francisco. Founded in 1997, the company claims a 98% renewal rate and its fleet age is under five years. The Challenger enters the fleet August 1.

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