Jet Card Deal: Alliance Aviation offers 5 free hours with 50-hour jet cards

By Doug Gollan, August 29, 2019

The 48-hour jet card sale ends midnight August 30th

Alliance Aviation, the jet card charter brokerage launched in July with several former Dumont Aviation Group executives, is offering five free hours when you buy 50 hours. The short-term 48-hour sale ends midnight on Aug. 30, 2019.

In terms of savings, the five free hours works out to a 10% bonus, so it is one of the highest value promotions we’ve seen. Typical discounts or bonuses range between 3-6%. What’s more, the emailed offer allows you to fund 25 hours now and 25 hours “later.”

Jet Card Deals

Since launching, Alliance has brought out two interesting programs. One provides a 7% interest annualized bonus on your end-of-month balance. For example, if you had $400,000 in your account, you would get $2,333 ($400,000 x 7% divided by 12) added as a bonus you would be able to use at the end or roll into a new jet card.

Working with sister start-up private jet parts company Encore Plane Parts, Alliance is offering those of you with used aircraft the ability to trade in your old plane for jet card hours.

Value of hours would be higher than the cash value of your used aircraft, and would provide a bridge as you finalize the purchase of your next aircraft. There is no set formula for cash to jet card value.

Jet card pricing for 25-hours

  • Light Jet $4,995 per hour
  • Midsize Jet $6,250 per hour
  • Super Midsize Jet $7,795 per hour
  • Large Cabin Jet (10 seats) $8,895 per hour
  • Large Cabin Jet (14 seats) $10,895 per hour

Rates don’t include 7.5% Federal Excise Tax, and deicing is extra. Alliance offers Wifi and also guarantees a fully enclosed lav on its light jets. It also offers an escrow account, something we recommend, particularly for start-up jet card companies.

Dumont, Wargo Exchange Lawsuits

While Alliance has gotten out of the gates launching interesting and innovative programs, and attractive rates, it hasn’t escaped controversy. It’s at the center of battling lawsuits, with former Dumont CEO Kevin Wargo suing his former employer, of which he owned a third of the company, and Dumont last week launching its own legal action accusing him of backing Alliance in violation of no-competes.

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