Alliance Aviation adds Phenom 300 jet card

By Doug Gollan, September 13, 2019

Embraer’s popular Phenom 300 is red hot in the jet card market as Alliance becomes the third provider in five months to add a program dedicated to the light cabin jet

The Phenom 300 jet card is priced at $6,995 per hour, plus 7.5 percent Federal Excise Tax

Aircraft specific jet cards are growing in popularity as an option between full and fractional ownership and on-demand charter. Users like them because they know ahead of time what they are getting, and they also know baggage limitations and range constraints. You can put down start-up Alliance Aviation as hopping on the wagon.

Embraer Phenom 300 pricing

Alliance’s new Phenom 300 jet card is priced at $6,995 per hour starting at 25 hours. As an incentive to buy, you get your first flight free, not bad for an aircraft with a range of 3.5 hours. If you flew the Phenom 300 to its maximum range, the free flight value is over $24,000. On a $174,875 purchase, excluding 7.5% Federal Excise Tax, it is a 13% bonus, so even better than the 10% uplift Alliance offered in its 48-hour Labor Day sale based on buying 50 hours.

Embraer Phenom 300
NetJets, Magellan Jets and now Alliance Aviation have each added a jet card dedicated to the Embraer Phenom 300 this year.

Christopher Tasca, Alliance’s director tells Private Jet Card Comparisons terms on the Phenom 300 are the same on its cabin category jet card programs, although the Alliance guarantee is for six seats compared to several that will guarantee seven.

Phenom 300 jet card terms

Some key stats about the Alliance Phenom 300 jet card. It has guaranteed availability with just eight hours notice and 168 hours on 23 peak days (carrying a 15% surcharge), and a 48-hour non-peak day window to cancel making it a good option for late planners and business travelers.

Hours never expire and the program is refundable, although we assume if you request a refund you’ll have to pay for that free first flight. An escrow account is available on request, something we like and always recommends for new providers in particular.

There’s no initiation fee or membership dues and no fuel surcharges. Segment minimum is 60 minutes and the daily minimum is 90 minutes, both including 12 minutes of taxi time. Service area includes Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean at a 10% surcharge. There’s a 10% discount for qualifying roundtrip, and deicing is extra.

So far this year, NetJets and Magellan Jets both have added dedicated Phenom 300 jets cards while JetSuite said it was switching its focus from the Phenom 100 to its larger cousin.

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