XO is adding quality tiers to its jet card and on-demand charter options; plans to buy more aircraft

By Doug Gollan, October 23, 2019

XO plans to expand both fixed and dynamic pricing jet memberships to Europe by 2020

With the “heavy lifting” of the XOJET-JetSmarter integration behind it, Vista Global chairman Thomas Flohr tells Private Jet Card Comparisons the company will roll out memberships for its rebranded XO in Europe as early as second quarter 2020.

Additionally, the company is making a major change in how it sells both on-demand private jet charter as well as pricing options for its dynamic pricing jet card membership programs.

XO will now offer three options for plane types it defines as Classic, Premium, and Luxe.

With the combination of XOJET and JetSmarter behind it, XO is rolling out three new options for both on-demand charter customers as well as members of its jet card programs.

While all off-fleet aircraft will continue to meet its sourcing standards, the new categories Flohr says will help customers better understand what type of aircraft they will find when they show up at the FBO.

XO Classic

XO Classic aircraft includes from turboprops to heavy jets. The company says, “While not new, these are vetted and verified.” It calls them, “The most affordable and most practical way to go private.” Many are equipped with WiFi.

Private Jet Types

  • Turboprop
  • Light
  • Midsize
  • Super Midsize
  • Heavy

XO Premium

XO premium jets are ” industry-leading collection of in-demand newer aircraft that include light jets to ultra-long-range planes, all of which have modern cabins and WiFi access.”

Private Jet Types

  • Light
  • Midsize
  • Super Midsize
  • Heavy
  • Ultra Long Range

XO Luxe

Described as “the pinnacle of charter,” XO Luxe will feature “the newest planes” from super-midsize jets through ultra-long-range options.

Many have cabins created by world-class designers, the company says. All come with a flight attendant, sophisticated catering, complimentary WiFi, and other amenities.

Private Jet Types

  • Super Midsize
  • Heavy
  • Ultra Long Range

In all cases, both for its fixed rate as well as instant quotes for dynamic with immediate confirmation.

Flohr also said XO will have aircraft based in Europe from next year, and that he plans to buy more private jets for the XO brand, although he didn’t provide specifics. He said the new planes would likely be from the used market.

Our Take

Flohr says the move will enable customers to better match the type of aircraft they get to their needs for each trip, with top levels of safety being a standard across all three categories.

In terms of segmenting various categories, the approach is not new, however, XO’s take is.

Sentient Jet, Air Partner, PJS Group, Outlier, and several others offer two options, which are based strictly on aircraft age, using the delivery date as the divider.

XO’s approach provides an interesting way to slice the pie since for the average consumer a recently refurbished 25-year-old aircraft may be in fact a nicer experience than a 10-year-old plane that needs an interior refresh.

The XO move follows VistaJet’s announcement yesterday that members can start booking flights for its new Global 7500s for flights in January 2020 and beyond.

Flohr says VistaJet has already has sold 25% of its availability for its 7500s next year.

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