Air Partner restructures its jet card program

By Doug Gollan, October 30, 2019

The jet card broker is consolidating to have just one published program for each cabin size category – light, midsize, super-midsize, and large jet

U.K.-based private jet broker Air Partner, which offers fixed-rate, guaranteed availability jet cards for service areas in Europe, including the U.K., the Middle East, and North America, is phasing out its JetCard Sterling as a published offering.

The Sterling level program offers aircraft averaging 10 years old but didn’t guarantee the age of planes, so inventory included pre-2000 model private jets.

With the move, it will now offer singular pricing based exclusively on aircraft that meet its sourcing standards, instead of offering two levels of pricing, one for newer and the other for older jets.

Air Partner’s jet card program requires applicants to be approved, so while there are no membership fees, before taking new customers it analyzes their planned flights.

While that might weed out customers whose flying wouldn’t be profitable, it also means attractive rates for those of you who qualify.

Air Partner ends age-based pricing

JetCard Sterling rates start at $47,000 for 10 hours on a light jet, including 7.5% Federal Excise Tax, so $4,700 per hour.

One-way rate on its JetCard is $5,300 per hour, also including FET.

Both jet cards include deicing and discounts for qualifying roundtrip flight s that can reduce your hourly rate to $4,240 per hour.

“In order to offer more simplicity and customization for our clients, we will now offer one standard JetCard program with the ability to tailor individually to a prospect’s profile, as opposed to offering two tiers. Based on the availability and demand of newer aircraft, this was a natural progression of our JetCard offering and we are confident this shift will serve a more streamlined approach to our clients’ needs going forward,” said David McCown, president of Air Partner U.S.

Air Partner is discontinuing its JetCard Sterling (below) which offered lower hourly rates on older private jets and will focus solely on selling jets model year 2000 or newer. So far, it has not published any price increases to its JetCard rates (above and below).
jet card pricing

JetCard members can upgrade or downgrade cabin size categories without interchange fees. You can also use your deposit for on-demand charter flights outside the primary service area.

Jet card pricing

  • Light Jet = $5,300 per hour
  • Midsize Jet = $7,100 per hour
  • Super Midsize Jet = $9,950 per hour
  • Large Cabin Jet = $13,900 per hour

Earlier this year Air Partner launched fixed rates and guaranteed availability for transatlantic flights connecting its US and European service areas.

Air Partner has already removed Sterling JetCard pricing from its website.

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