Europe private jet flights dive in November

By Doug Gollan, December 11, 2019

WingX said flights dropped 3.2% compared to November with year-to-date flights down 1.8%

November saw an acceleration in the trending decline in flight activity in Europe this year, with 3.2% fewer business aviation departures compared to the same period a year ago, according to business aviation analyst WingX.

Year-to-date in 2019, flight activity in Europe was down 1.8%, 15,000 fewer flights.

There were significant falls in activity in U.K and Germany. Flight departures dropped more than 6% and down 5% year-to-date, respectively.

WingX said there Russia, Italy, Turkey, and Spain each saw increases.

Major Europe markets see bizav dip

In France, Germany and Great Britain, small and midsize aircraft were “most affected.”

Large cabin jet activity was down by 3% overall, saved from a steeper drop by 6% increases in Spain and a 3% jump in Switzerland.

Germany, Sweden, and Turkey saw a 5% drop in charter flights, with the U.K. declined nearly 10% year-over-year for November.

Owner flights in Sweden declined by more than 20% compared to November 2018.

The activity out of London last month was down by 6.5%, mostly in small and midsize private jets, said WingX.

In this category, Paris and Zurich airport activity was up. Moscow saw a 3% increase in large cabin flights.

From Europe to North America, flights were down 5%. However, they are still up 1.9% this year compared to last year.

U.S.-based Private Jet Services Group joined Air Partner and JetSet Group in launching fixed one-way rates for transatlantic flights last month.

WingX said large cabin, super-midsize, and ultra-long-haul jet activity was a bright spot carried by jet card and on-demand charter. However, activity by owners fell.

Richard Koe, managing director, said, “Long term trends in all business jet segments are heading south following the relatively brief rally in 2017-2018. It´s clear this year that the downward impetus is coming from owner flights.”

He added, “The sensitivity of business jets to the climate agenda may well exaggerate this trend next year.”

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