Private Jet Services revamps its jet card program

By Doug Gollan, November 12, 2019

The jet card broker has reduced light jet minimums and is launching fixed-rate, guaranteed availability for transatlantic flights

Private Jet Services (PJS) said it has introduced a series of enhancements to its jet card membership program effective immediately. The changes include lower daily minimums, a choice of how you want to be billed for your flight time, and Wifi guarantee on super-midsize and large-cabin jets.

Its jet card continues without membership fees or blackouts and allows clients to upgrade or downgrade cabin size of their jet at published rates without an interchange fee. Lead time for booking remains at 10 hours on non-peak days.

It is also keeping a two-tier pricing structure providing lower rates on private jets manufactured before the year 2000

PJS jet card changes

The moves follow program changes made this year by Air Partner, Magellan Jets, and Solairus Aviation. JetSuite revamped its SuiteKey program last year.

Jet Card Buyer's Guide

As a more recent entrant into the jet card space, PJS may be better known for its work flying music and entertainment clients such as Lady Gaga, U2, The Rolling Stones, Maroon 5, Fleetwood Mac, and Beyonce, as well as major professional and collegiate teams.

Private Jet Services Group has made its reputation by flying entertainers and sports teams, including Lady Gaga, U2, The Rolling Stone, Beyonce, and Fleetwood Mac.

 “Since 2003, PJS has built its reputation by servicing our customers one flight at a time,” said Greg Raiff, CEO of PJS.  “Through flawless execution of transportation logistics, paired with transparent, fixed pricing and flexible options, our Members maximize the value of their investment. The PJS team delivers extraordinary and remarkable service, earning the trust and confidence of the most discriminating flyers.”                                                                                                                   

Reduced segment and daily minimums

Raif says since a significant amount of PJS Members fly short-leg trips frequently, daily flight minimums for light jets have been decreased to 60 minutes, plus taxi time.

Since the program doesn’t have segment minimums, it means you can make multiple sub-60 minute flights on the same day and don’t have to worry about being charged for short legs as long as you bill the 1.2 hours.

Guaranteed Wifi

After the revamp, PJS now guarantees Wifi on super-midsize and large-cabin jets.

Transatlantic fixed-rate, guaranteed availability

PJS becomes the third jet card broker this year to introduce fixed-rate prices with guaranteed availability for transatlantic flights.

“It’s a good idea,” Raiff tells Private Jet Card Comparisons, adding, “If you can get fixed pricing from New York to Nantucket, you should be able to get it for New York to Newcastle, England as well.”

PJS offers a $13,300 fixed hourly rate with a 15% discount for qualifying roundtrips.  Its roundtrip discounts for other trips remains at 5%. Transatlantic aircraft are PJS certified with the model year 2000 or newer.

Guaranteed aircraft availability is based on 96 hours of lead time for booking, and you can cancel up to up to 72 hours before departure with no fee. For its transatlantic program, deicing is included.

Choose actual versus estimated flight hours

As previously reported by Private Jet Card Comparisons PJS is the first jet card provider to offer a choice in billing models. Members can choose to be billed for either estimated or actual flight time. You choose when you sign up or renew.

No rate increases on Super Midsize Jets and Large Cabin private jets

Despite “significant changes in the industry, such as pilot strikes, grounded aircraft, and the ADS-B January 1, 2020 mandate, all of which have impacted embedded aviation costs on a worldwide basis,” PJS said it is not increasing hourly pricing on super-mid and large cabin private jets through 2020. Those rates have not increased since 2017.

That said, Raiff says while hourly light and midsize jet rates have increased, flight costs for light jets will actually fall for fliers who are making shorter flights.

PJS jet card rates include landing fees, fuel surcharges, and taxes. All flights include complimentary catering and a dedicated in-flight concierge. There is also a 12-month rate lock.

It sells two versions of its jet card. Elite provides aircraft guaranteed to be manufactured in the year 2000 or after, with an average age of just 6 years.

Priority jets are held to the exact safety standards as Elite but were manufactured prior to 2000

The company says it has been profitable every year since 2003. It also offers an escrow account option for jet card clients.

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