Private Jet Services Group offers jet card buyers pricing private jet flights by either estimated or actual flight time

By Doug Gollan, September 17, 2019

Jet card broker PJS Group has launched an innovative policy giving clients the option of how they want their trips priced

Actual flight time or estimated flight time?  For jet card fliers it has always been a debate, often based on where you do most of your flying.

Actual flight time uses the calculation of wheels up to touchdown, so takeoff to landing. On the other hand, estimated flight time is like Uber. It doesn’t matter how long your flight actually takes, you are billed the estimated flight time quoted prior to your trip.

Estimated or Actual Flight Time?

For those of you who fly in the Northeastern U.S. or congested areas, estimated flight time is often cited as being preferred so you don’t watch the dollars flow out of your wallet as Air Traffic Control slows you down or puts you into a holding pattern.

On the other hand, some jet card fliers believe that estimated flying time is generally padded, and each time they land and the actual flight time is significantly less than the estimated flying time, they feel like they overpaid.

Certainly, there’s no right answer.

Somebody has to pay for pilots and fuel when ATC sends you in circles over the Lower Hudson Valley for 30 minutes. At the same time, jet cards using estimated flight time means they need to use calculations that they believe will be accurate but giving them a bit of breathing room or they can end up losing their shirt.

Airstream Jets uses an innovative mileage-based approach, however, PJS Group is now offering a twist. You can choose either estimated flight time or actual flight time.

PJS CEO Greg Raiff tells Private Jet Card Comparisons that jet card customers can choose their preferred method when they sign up and then again switch when they renew.

Fully enclosed lavs now guaranteed on light jets

The PJS Group Light Priority jet card is $4,890 per hour based on 25 hours.

Separately, PJS now guarantees fully enclosed lavs on light jets. It offers two programs – Preferred and Elite. Elite jet cards offer private jets year 2000 or newer while Priority offers model year 1999 or before.

The PJS Light Elite jet card is $5,490 per hour including 7.5% Federal Excise Tax while Light Priority is priced at $4,890 per hour. PJS offers the Bermuda, Caribbean and Mexico at a 10% surcharge.

Normal lead time for reservations is 10 hours and 168 hours on 20 peak days which carry a 5% surcharge. PJS is a relative newcomer to the jet card space, although last year it marked its 15th year anniversary.

The New Hampshire based company said the teams it flies have won 13 National Hockey League Stanley Cups and 10 Major League Baseball World Series. It also flies collegiate athletic teams, live entertainment tours.

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