Air France private jet partner Wijet may have finally shutdown

By Doug Gollan, February 20, 2020

The brand and website address for struggling private jet operator has been put up for sale by liquidators in France

It appears, despite statements to the contrary, the end for Wijet may be here.

After its operations in France closed in December Wijet is not responding to phone calls or emails. Its UK operation went into administration in 2018 leaving a trail of unpaid bills.

An executive had claimed it would continue operations in January from Luxembourg.

Instead, judicial agents, Selarl Montravers Yang-Ting, have listed various Wijet assets for sale. They include the Wijet customer file, brand and domain names and, plus an office lease.

An official notice said the deadline for offers is Feb. 26, 2020.

Wijet’s brand name, domains and customer list have been put for sale.

In December, when we asked about Wijet’s ongoing operations, Sarah Djeradi, its marketing director told us, “I guess you are talking about the French subsidiary of our group. We do not plan to stop our flights as our AOC and aircraft are based in Luxembourg.”

She added, “As we enter the lowest point of the annual season, we are indeed closing the French subsidiary as our operations have grown in Luxembourg and Belgium with our AOC partners.”

Wijet’s Roadmap to Bankruptcy

She said, “You may remember our roadmap when we closed Blink back in 2018. We are also transferring lease titles between entities in Luxembourg, hence the fact we cancel flights until January 11th, 2020.”

Djeradi, at the time, claimed, “Over the last months, we have had an extremely strong demand for our service on HondaJets and we are looking forward to resuming flights in January 2020 with our AOC partners.“

Wijet did not respond to a request for comment on the sale of its website and company name. If Wijet plans to continue as either as operator or broker of private jet flights, it will apparently need a new URL and brand name as well.

Wijet liquidation
Air France still promotes its partnership with Wijet on its website, although a representative said it is no longer being offered.

The Air France website still promotes its partnership with Wijet. However, a rep answering a phone number for its first-class customers, said the service is no longer being offered.

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