ExpertJet adds COVID-19 protections

By Doug Gollan, March 9, 2020

The Florida-based on-demand private jet charter and jet card broker is responding to the continued spread of the Coronavirus pandemic

ExpertJet is assuring its clients who fly privately in terms of both aircraft cleaning and flexibility.

Andrew Flaxman, its founder and director, tells Private Jet Card Comparisons, “Every booking, we’re coordinating with crew members to sanitize the aircraft between flights.”

Had says, “This includes antibacterial wipes or sprays on seatbelts, armrests, tray tables, lavatories, and other frequently contacted surfaces.”

Flaxman adds, “We will also utilize any reasonable additional cleaning methods our clients’ request to alleviate lingering concerns.”

Additionally, any aircraft or crew that have traveled to Italy, Iran, or China in the previous 60 days have been eliminated. 

He says, “As of now, we are also requesting photographic evidence of all international crew members’ temperatures within 48 hours of departure.  If domestic crews are presenting flu-like symptoms, we are asking them not to be utilized on our trips.”

The company is also asking flight crews to eschew welcome handshakes.

COVID-19 private jet catering precautions

For catering, ExpertJet has informed its caterers they must provide body temperature evidence of those who are handling food.”

Catering vendors, he says, have also informed their staff members not to travel to public events. He says they have also been instructed to refrain from normal travel until public healthcare officials indicate it is safe.

To accommodate the need for flexibility, Flaxman says he is negotiating with operators for less stringent cancelation terms.

ExpertJet’s jet card program starts at a $75,000 deposit.

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