COVID-19 Coronavirus risk 30 times lower on private jets, says operator

By Doug Gollan, March 11, 2020

European very light jet charter operator GlobeAir AG says it has seen a 27% jump in bookings despite suspending flights to Italy

GlobeAir, the Austrian-based very light jet operator, says flying privately dramatically reduces the risk of contracting COVID-19 Coronavirus over commercial airline travel.

In a press release, GlobeAir says there are 700 touchpoints exposing passengers to the risk of contagion on a single commercial flight. There are only 20 such interactions when using business aviation.

Flying privately also reduces risk as business aviation employees on the front line interact with fewer passengers. For GlobeAir’s fleet of 20 Cessna Citation Mustangs, onboard disinfectant kits are always available, it says.

Private Jets and COVID-19 Coronavirus

Before the start of each rotation, pilots undergo strict medical checks. GlobeAir is not assigning pilots who have visited Italy in the past 14 days to any of its flights. And like other operators, it has stepped up its cleaning between flight.

“We are registering a 27% YoY increase in bookings over the last three alone,” says Bernhard Fragner, GlobeAir’s CEO.

In addition to on-demand charter and empty legs, GlobeAir offers a guaranteed availability jet card program with fixed one-way rates.

Flying privately means you only traveling with people you know on the flight dramatically reducing potential COVID-19 Coronavirus exposure. Using FBOs – private aviation terminals – also reduces the number of other people travelers come in contact with.

GlobeAir’s analysis showed with private aviation, your touchpoints can be limited to your drivers before and after the flight (2 contacts), interactions at the FBO (8contacts on departure and arrival), and two crew members.

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