owner files a new $30 million lawsuit against Fly Victor

By Doug Gollan, March 13, 2020

Don’t Look Media has filed a new lawsuit against Fly Victor, its founder Clive Jackson, and others

The new lawsuit against private jet charter broker Victor was filed in Florida’s state court

Following the administration of private jet charter broker Fly Victor’s parent, and a subsequent management-led buyout, Don’t Look Media has filed a new lawsuit, this time in Florida’s state court.

A previous, similar lawsuit filed last year in Federal Court was dismissed in February, a move Don’t Look is appealing.

The new lawsuit, also seeking $30 million, is over a revenue-sharing agreement for website, owned by Don’t Look.

Jay Farrow of Farrow Law Firm says the complaint is based upon newly discovered evidence. It also adds David Young, managing director for Victor in North America.

The complaint alleges that Jackson, Victor’s founder and CEO, and Nelson Rocha, a consultant, made false allegations to the federal court regarding jurisdiction in an attempt to have the court dismiss the first case.

Fly Victor sued again by Private Jet dot com owner

Farrow says, “The complaint alleges the (administration of Victor parent company Alyssum) was a pre-planned tool to deceive and defraud investors and to attempt to circumvent Don’t Look Media’s claims.”

According to the filing, “What Plaintiff did not know at the time of the execution of the RSA (Revenue Sharing Agreement), and what Plaintiff is actually discovering as of the date of the filing of this lawsuit, is that Defendant Rocha who was supposed to be Plaintiffs agent in the negotiation of the RSA, was secretly working for and conspiring with Defendants Jackson, Vorster and Northover to structure the ‘deal’ in such a way that Plaintiff would never be compensated.”

The filing continued, “In fact, the RICO Defendants had a master plan which included using PrivateJet’s (website) footprint in the United States to boost investments from private equity investors, to steal revenues generated from organic internet traffic from Plaintiff – all with the ultimate goal to pocket money from both sides of the transaction before taking Defendant Alyssurn (sic) into Bankruptcy in February, 2020.”

It reads, “PrivateJet (.com) created multi-million-dollar revenues which continue to benefit the RICO Defendants and Fly Victor, and Plaintiff has not received one dollar in remunerations from these revenue share profits as required by the RSA.”

In terms of venue, the lawsuit asserts Fly Victor, Inc., a California corporation, “regularly conducts and/or engages in and/or carried on business and business ventures in the State of Florida.”

Most interesting, the lawsuit alleges Alyssum’s administration last month “was a pre-planned tool to deceive and defraud investors and to attempt to circumvent Don’t Look Media’s claims.”

The new lawsuit was filed on March 6, 2020, in Broward County, Florida in the Circuit Court for the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit.

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