FlyExclusive makes major move into Jet Cards

By Doug Gollan, May 2, 2020

The 8th largest private jet charter operator in the U.S. FlyExclusive is leveraging a fast-growing private jet fleet to become a major player in jet memberships

Out of the depths of the biggest downturn business aviation has ever seen, here comes industry veteran Jim Segrave and his Kinston, North Carolina-based FlyExclusive.

Since its launch in 2014, Segrave, who previously sold Segrave Aviation to Delta Private Jets in 2010, has built a fleet of more than 60 private jets. Expansion plans call for reaching the century mark.

Now FlyExclusive is rolling out its first jet card program. Included are fixed one-way rates and guaranteed availability on light, midsize, and super-midsize private jets.

FlyExclusive Jet Cards

The program provides an interesting choice.

Industry low hourly rates are tempered by daily minimums ranging starting at 84 minutes on light jets to 120 minutes on super-midsize aircraft, both taxi time inclusive. Daily minimums for flights on lights and midsize flights to or from 10 western states have an extra 1/10th hour tacked onto minimums.

Its two offerings – Fly Club and Exclusive Club – come with 96 hours and 72 hours non-peak call-outs for reservations.

In other words, it’s made for those of you who can plan several days in advance, and are not doing lots of short – only flight of the day flying, where you would be below the daily minimums. There are no segment minimums.

Both Fly Club and Exclusive Club require a non-refundable $150,000 deposit, with the latter adding a $20,000 annual fee, and giving lower hourly rates.

Fly Club jet card rates

  • Light Jet = $4,650 per hour
  • Midsize Jet = $5,450 per hour
  • Super Midsize Jet = $6,450 per hour

Exclusive Club jet card rates

  • Light Jet = $3,950 per hour
  • Midsize Jet = $4,750 per hour
  • Super Midsize = $5,750 per hour

If you expect to fly more than 29 hours in the 12 months after joining, Exclusive Club is better.

As an example, amortize the extra $20,000 over 40 hours. Add that $500 per hour to Exclusive Club rates. It means a light jet is $4,450 per hour, a midsize jet is $5,250 per hour, and the super-midsize offering is $6,250 per hour. If you fly 100 hours per year, your hourly light jet rate would be just $4,150.

FlyExclusive includes deicing, guaranteed WiFi, and pets, so it ticks a number of boxes that may be important to you.

Private Jet operator jet cards

One feature it doesn’t include is an escrow account. That said, it’s in the same company as other large operator card programs, including NetJets, Executive Jet Management, XO, Delta Private Jets, Jet Aviation, Jet Linx Aviation, and Wheels Up, although the latter two offer pay-as-you-go options. Subscribe to Private Jet Card Comparisons and you can compare escrow account options for more than 55 providers.

The goal of the longer call-outs is that FlyExclusive will be able to keep you on the fleet. That means for light jets expect Citation Encores or CJ3s. The Citation Excel/XLS serves midsize fliers and either the Citation Sovereign or X for super-midsize flights.

In announcing the new program, Segrave said, “For years, we have been disrupting the private charter industry with a singular private charter experience. Now, as we recognize the need to get America flying again and understand passengers’ priorities to limit exposure to themselves and their families to COVID-19, we are offering our unparalleled service at rates that best other charter programs by as much as 40%.”

The fixed-rate service area includes the Continental U.S., Canada, Mexico, and the Bahamas. Peak days are a minimal 15 to 20 days, and surcharges vary based on the length of the flight. FlyExclusive is Argus Platinum and Wyvern Wingman rated.

In December FlyExclusive teased a new membership program which was based on a 10-year commitment. The version introduced Friday more closely follows typical jet cards. Expect more to come. In early March FlyExclusive bought Gulfstream GIVSP operator Sky Night, LLC.

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