VistaJet's Flohr shades NetJets in a letter to private jet travelers

By Doug Gollan, May 13, 2020

Global private jet operator VistaJet is highlighting that it hasn’t made any redundancies during the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic

It’s not news that the leading private jet operators often don’t miss an opportunity to get in some digs about competitors, particularly the industry’s biggest player, Berkshire Hathaway-owned NetJets.

Unlike some of our competitors, I am proud to say that VistaJet has not made any redundancies during this pandemic.

Thomas Flohr, chairman, Vista Global Holdings (VistaJet and XO)

Last year Flexjet launched an ad campaign specifically highlighting its non-union pilot workforce calling out rival NetJets by name.

The move wasn’t accidental. Flexjet’s vice president of global marketing Christopher Bero told Private Jet Card Comparisons at the time, “We wanted to poke the bear.”

Vista Global Holdings founder and chairman Thomas Flohr is a persistent advocate of non-equity private aviation solutions (read, not fractional ownership, not NetJets) via his VistaJet and XO.

VistaJet: No redundancies

In a letter sent to customers and posted on the VistaJet website yesterday, Flohr is taking a shot at other private aviation companies that have made “redundancies” during the Coronavirus crisis.

Flohr begins his message, “With COVID-19 causing substantial human and economic damage around the world, I believe that we all need to use our resources wherever possible to respond with positive actions.”

NetJets VistaJet compared

He continues, “Like many industries, there is no doubt that aviation has been hit extremely hard, with commercial airlines being grounded and news of business jet operators reducing their fleets, laying off staff and retreating from some of their operating regions.”

Thomas Flohr: “The right course of action”

Flohr then states, “I do not think this is the right course of action to take. I strongly believe that business aviation is as vital now as it ever has been and that once more restrictions are lifted, our global network will be even more vital to support businesses and the global economy.”

Flohr says despite the pandemic, “VistaJet is continuing to invest in our infrastructure and our people.”

He goes on to state, “Unlike some of our competitors, I am proud to say that VistaJet has not made any redundancies during this pandemic. Our team consists of 1,000 leading aviation experts who are here to serve customers today, during which managing operations are even more technically challenging and tomorrow. Their knowledge and experience is as important to the quality of our flights as the aircraft themselves and I would not want to lose them under any circumstances.”

The letter doesn’t mention NetJets by name, however, it contains a link to an article in Aviation International News (above), “NetJets Cuts Staff, Planned Aircraft Deliveries for 2020.”

NetJets did not respond when asked for comment about Flohr’s letter.

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