VistaJet offers superyacht owners new private jet-to-yacht service

By Doug Gollan, May 19, 2020

The global private jet operator is helping superyacht owners ensure they can use their boats for Mediterranean vacations this summer

VistaJet is well known for its high-end touches and global approach to private jet travel for pets, kids, and of course, adults. Earlier this year it launched the ultra-long-haul Bombardier Global 7500 into the Program, its version of a jet card.

Today, the unit of Vista Global Holdings said it is offering a specialized service to yacht-owners who are concerned about travel restrictions in Southern Europe this summer.

Lisa Foster-Brown, head of VistaJet’s Private Office, in an email to customers and prospects, wrote, “(COVID-19 Coronavirus) regulations and global safety requirements in 2020 are particularly complex, and could prove costly for holiday plans.”

She noted, “Those who own a yacht, or are planning to charter one, might be questions how they will reach it.”

The new VistaJet-to-Yacht service, designed in cooperation with Malta’s government. It includes making all necessary arrangements to board and disembark your yacht from the country.

After arriving via your VistaJet flight, you will clear customs in the VIP lounge. You are then transported by pre-sanitized vehicles directly to the marina to board your yacht.

The private jet charter operator also will arrange to stock your boat through its local concierge partner. Additional details are handled through VistaJet’s local yacht handing agent in Malta.

Customers sign a Safe Passage contract agreeing not to stop anywhere between the airport and their yacht. They also agree not to leave the yacht while moored. You also have to declare your plans, be it staying in the marina, sailing in Maltese waters, or someplace else.

Passengers undergo temperature checks prior to boarding their flight. Mask and gloves which are required during the transit in Malta are also provided.

Foster-Brown said, “All that’s required is a passport or visa providing approval to travel to Malta. Leave the rest to us.”

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