XOJet Challenger 300 fleet getting VistaJet branding, interiors

By Doug Gollan, August 28, 2020

XOJET Aviation, which operates XO’s super-midsize private jet fleet, is upgrading interiors for 16 of its Bombardier Challenger 300s to VistaJet standards

If you think you are seeing more private jets in the silver bullet VistaJet livery here in the U.S., you are right. That’s because XOJET Aviation is repainting 16 XOJET branded Bombardier Challenger 300s to match its sister company. The aircraft are part of the fleet XO uses for its Elite Access fixed-rate, guaranteed availability jet card program.

XOJET Challenger 300
An XOJET Challenger 300 repainted in the VistaJet livery

According to the news, first reported by Aviation International News yesterday, the XOJET Challengers will now carry the VistaJet exterior paint scheme and high-end interiors. Its XOJET Citation X’s will carry a new gray exterior with an XO on the tail.

The initiative is designed to “align the XOJet Aviation Challenger 300 fleet with that of the interiors and exteriors of the VistaJet Challenger 350 fleet,” according to the trade report.

XOJET Citation X
A new look for XOJET’s Citation Xs

The interior refresh on the 300s includes “seats, carpets, trim, cabinets, and other soft goods.”

Three of the super-midsize private jets have already received the upgrades. Four more will be completed before the end of the year.

Vista Global Holdings, parent of VistaJet, bought XOJET in 2018. It then split the company into a wholly-owned sales group under the XO banner. It holds a minority interest in XOJET Aviation, the Part 135 operator that flies N-registered tails for the company.

A representative from XOJET Aviation couldn’t immediately say if the now VistaJet branded Challengers will be used for both XO and VistaJet customers. VistaJet offers flight attendants on its Challenger 350s as a standard amenity while XO does not. VistaJet is also known for its high-end catering and specialized programming for both kids and pets. XO, on the other hand, is known for its aggressive pricing. XOJET Aviation is an IS-BAO Stage 3, Wyvern Wingman, and Argus Platinum operator, the highest levels for each of the third-party safety rating agencies.


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