Private jets are headed to the mountains for Labor Day

By Doug Gollan, September 2, 2020

Private jet charter broker FXAIR revealed four of its five most popular holiday weekend destinations are in the mountains

FXAIR, Directional Aviation’s new on-demand private jet charter brand, says the mountains are in for the upcoming Labor Day holiday weekend.

“So far this summer, we have seen unprecedented demand for flights to more remote and mountainous locations, which allow travelers to continue to maintain social distancing,” said FXAIR president Gregg Slow.

He added, “Outside of traditional seaside favorites such as Nantucket, which has had fewer COVID-19 cases than any county in Massachusetts, Summer travel to the mountains has been at levels more usually associated with ski season, and we expect that trend in leisure travel to continue through the fall into the winter.”

Based on advance bookings, here are the top five places FXAIR customers will be jetting for Labor Day:

  • Aspen, Colorado
  • Park City, Utah
  • Jackson Hole, Wyoming
  • Sun Valley, Idaho
  • Nantucket, Massachusetts

Slows says he believes travel for private jets will again outperform airlines for the holiday. As we reported, while the TSA reported a 75% decrease in airline passengers, private flights were up 5%.

The global private aviation industry recently hit highs not seen since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis. However, the U.S. recovery seems to have stalled at about 80% of pre-COVID levels for the last two months.

“With the COVID-19 pandemic still widespread, we take seriously the understanding that many see us as a travel solution that is more cautious, offering peace of mind,” Slow said.

Why fly by private jet?

In a press release, FXAIR pointed to several reasons for the industry’s strong performance. “A combination of factors are making private aviation appealing to more travelers than ever before, including: Traveler concerns about sharing closed spaces with others during the COVID-19 pandemic; minimizing touchpoints; airline service cutbacks; reduced commercial flight frequencies; and airline route changes that do not meet traveler needs. These factors, when combined with private aviation’s traditional benefits, such as time savings and the ability to fly directly into remote locations, are attracting an untapped market to travel by private jet.”

Flying privately has 30 times fewer touch points than flying with the airlines.

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