Flexjet COO sees opportunities for business travel

By Doug Gollan, September 5, 2020

While leisure travel has fueled the recovery of private jet travel, a top Flexjet executive sees opportunities in business travel too

Speaking to Bloomberg Markets TV yesterday, a top Flexjet official said she sees opportunities in business travel as we move into the fall.

Megan Wolf, COO of the second-largest fractional private jet operator, says the company is seeing corporate customers planning trips for the fall and into next year that would normally be flown with commercial airlines.

“What we’re seeing is some business travel is coming to the private jet industry that would normally have been in the commercial world because there is confidence in flying with us,” she told the hosts.

Flexjet’s most popular destinations

Personal travel, mainly to hard-to-access destinations, has helped in its recovery so far.

“The most popular flying is to mountain airports, remote locations where people can get away and get to a location where the can be with their family and shelter in place during this time,” Wolf said.

Asked about international travel in a COVID-19 world laced with restrictions, Wolf noted while restrictions are mostly the same for private jets as the airlines, Flexjet has dedicated teams that can help figure things out on short notice.

She said New York to London is a top international route, however, destinations like Tahiti, New Zealand, and Australia are popping on to the map more frequently.

Wolf said private aviation’s rebound is being spurred because “people are more comfortable flying as they know the passengers they are with and with the steps we have taken to make the flying experience safer and limit the touch points.”

Flexjet has been using its own private jet fleet to shuttle pilots from their home bases to flight missions to reduce COVID-19


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