Quintessentially Travel offers free hour, lower entry for Sentient jet cards

By Doug Gollan, September 23, 2020

The high-end travel agency is offering its customers the opportunity to buy into Sentient membership at just 20 hours

An email from Quintessentially Travel, a luxury travel agency that is part of the Virtuoso network, is offering the ability to buy a jet card from Sentient Jet for just 20 hours. The standard buy-in for the jet card broker is 25 hours.

Customers who take advantage of the promotion receive a complimentary hour of flight time and a $2,000 credit on their next trip with Quintessentially.

Describing the offer, Quintessentially writes, “Unlike chartering a jet, or purchasing one, a jet card allows you to simply pre-purchase private jet hours and gain immediate access to a safely certified network of private aircraft. Offering superior quality and service at fixed hourly rates, a Sentient Jet Card offers guaranteed availability 365 days a year starting at as little as 10 hours’ notice. With over twenty years as an industry leader, the Jet Card model was invented by Sentient Jet, a pioneer in private aviation since 1999.”

The hourly rate in a light jet is $5,480 per hour. Combining the free hour with the travel credit for Quintessentially is about a 7% discount. Additionally, Sentient offers over $175,000 in travel benefits for members.


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