Sentient Jet reports near doubling in sales as private jets become a 'utility'

By Doug Gollan, October 14, 2020

Monthly flight activity has returned to pre-COVID-19 levels, according to jet card broker Sentient Jet, in a television news report

A news report from CBS KPIX5, a San Francisco area affiliate, about the increased interest in private jet travel revealed that surge has continued after the summer.

“I think a private jet is something people think about as a lifestyle or productivity tool. It has really turned into a utility,” Sentient Jet CEO Andrew Collins told the station during an interview.

Andrew Collins, CEO, Sentient Jet
Sentient Jet CEO Andrew Collins says private jets have moved from a lifestyle and productivity purchase to a utility.

According to the report, Sentient is on track for a record-breaking sales month in October. The company is now registering $30-$40 million in monthly jet card purchases. That’s up from the typical $20-$25 million range.

“Very quickly, when people realized they wanted to avoid crowds, and they wanted to connect with family, or they wanted to repatriate back to their country, or whatever it might be, we started to see a rise,” Collins said.

Sentient is now back to pre-COVID-19 flight levels. Over the summer, sales to new customers accounted for half of its deals, up from typically about a third.

The report also cited time savings, cutting an hour and a half of airport time.

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