These 18 providers offer over 75 private aircraft specific fixed-rate jet card programs

By Doug Gollan, October 25, 2020

While most fixed-rate jet card programs use cabin categories, there are an extensive number of private jet specific options as well

One reason some folks charter on-demand is within a particular size category they have some specific aircraft types they don’t like. As you probably know, with cabin category jet cards, the guarantee is you get an aircraft in that category, but it can vary from trip to trip.

While it’s often an issue of preference, it can also be mission-related. Compare the range of a Hawker 400XP and a Phenom 300, for example, both light jets. The latter has a nonstop flying time of at least an hour more under similar circumstances. And what’s worse than a fuel stop? Especially if it’s in the middle of Nebraska or Kansas on a windy and freezing winter day.

Luckily, 18 providers in the Private Jet Card Comparisons’ database of over 50 providers offer specific private jet or turboprop or, in some cases, semi-specific options. In fact, there are options in both North America and Europe. Our easy-to-use filter system allows you to identify the providers that match your preference in minutes.

Below is a list of aircraft specific options in our database of jet cards with fixed rates and guaranteed availability.

Specific Private Aircraft Available on Fixed Rate, Guaranteed Jet Cards

Aircraft TypeCabin Category 
Avanti IITurboprop – Piston – Piston
Avanti P180Turboprop – Piston – Piston
Beechjet 400ALight – Very Light
Challenger 300Midsize – Super Midsize
Challenger 350Midsize – Super Midsize
Challenger 600Large – Ultra Long-Haul
Challenger 601Large – Ultra Long-Haul
Challenger 601Large – Ultra Long-Haul
Challenger 604Large – Ultra Long-Haul
Challenger 605Large – Ultra Long-Haul
Challenger 650Large – Ultra Long-Haul
Challenger 850Large – Ultra Long-Haul
Cirrus SR22Turboprop – Piston – Piston
Citation BravoLight – Very Light
Citation CJ1Light – Very Light
Citation CJ2Light – Very Light
Citation CJ3/CJ3+Light – Very Light
Citation CJ4Light – Very Light
Citation EncoreLight – Very Light
Citation Excel/XLSLight – Very Light
Citation I/ISPLight – Very Light
Citation II/IISPLight – Very Light
Citation JetLight – Very Light
Citation LatitudeMidsize – Super Midsize
Citation M2Light – Very Light
Citation MustangLight – Very Light
Citation SovereignMidsize – Super Midsize
Citation V UltraLight – Very Light
Citation XMidsize – Super Midsize
Citation XLSMidsize – Super Midsize
Eclipse 500Midsize – Super Midsize
Eclipse 550Midsize – Super Midsize
Falcon 10Midsize – Super Midsize
Falcon 2000Large – Ultra Long-Haul
Falcon 50Midsize – Super Midsize
Falcon 7XLarge – Ultra Long-Haul
Falcon 900Large – Ultra Long-Haul
Global 5000Large – Ultra Long-Haul
Global 6000Large – Ultra Long-Haul
Global 7500Large – Ultra Long-Haul
Global ExpressLarge – Ultra Long-Haul
Global Express XRSLarge – Ultra Long-Haul
Gulfstream G200Midsize – Super Midsize
Gulfstream G280Midsize – Super Midsize
Gulfstream G350Large – Ultra Long-Haul
Gulfstream G450Large – Ultra Long-Haul
Gulfstream G500Large – Ultra Long-Haul
Gulfstream G550Large – Ultra Long-Haul
Gulfstream G650Large – Ultra Long-Haul
Gulfstream G650ERLarge – Ultra Long-Haul
Gulfstream IVLarge – Ultra Long-Haul
Gulfstream IV/450Large – Ultra Long-Haul
Gulfstream IV/IVSPLarge – Ultra Long-Haul
Gulfstream VLarge – Ultra Long-Haul
Hawker 1000Midsize – Super Midsize
Hawker 400Light – Very Light
Hawker 4000Midsize – Super Midsize
Hawker 400XPLight – Very Light
Hawker 800XPMidsize – Super Midsize
Honda Jet HA-420Light – Very Light
King Air 100Turboprop – Piston
King Air 200Turboprop – Piston
King Air 250Turboprop – Piston
King Air 300Turboprop – Piston
King Air 350Turboprop – Piston
King Air C90Turboprop – Piston
King Air C90ATurboprop – Piston
Learjet 31ALight – Very Light
Learjet 35ALight – Very Light
Learjet 35Light – Very Ligh
Learjet 40Midsize – Super Midsize
Learjet 40XRMidsize – Super Midsize
Learjet 55Midsize – Super Midsize
Learjet 70Midsize – Super Midsize
Legacy 500Midsize – Super Midsize
Legacy 600Super Midsize
Nextant 400XTLight – Very Light
Phenom 100Light – Very Light
Phenom 300Light/Very Light
Pilatus PC-12Turboprop – Piston
Pilatus PC-24Light/Very Light
Premier 1ALight/Very Light
Source: Private Jet Card Comparisons database for paid subscribers

Jet card providers that offer specific or specific limited groupings of aircraft types with fixed rates and guaranteed availability includes Air Partner (Europe only), Airshare, Alliance Aviation, Dumont Aviation, Flexjet, Fly Aeolus, GlobeAir, Magellan Jets, NetJets, Nicholas Air, Northern Jet, OneFlight International, Qatar Executive, Silverhawk Aviation, Star Jets International, VistaJet, Wheels Up, and XO.

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