PrivateFly posts winter City Pair fixed-rate private jet flights for Europe

By Doug Gollan, November 16, 2020

Directional Aviation’s European on-demand charter and jet card broker has updated its fixed-rate City Pair offerings for European private jet flights

Bigger is better this winter, at least when it comes to private jets. PrivateFly recently posted its fixed-rates for City Pair flights (The rates were released before recent lockdown announcements.), and all options are now on Embraer Legacy 600s with up to 13 seats.

Adam Twidell, CEO of PrivateFly, a division of Directional Aviation’s OneSky Flight, says there is more demand from extended families and two families traveling together.

Routes from London and Paris include Geneva, Grenoble, Lyon, Chambery, Nice, Turin, Milan, Zurich, Sion, Bern, Innsbruck, Salzburg, Moscow, Marrakech, Tenerife, and Las Palmas.

Inclusive one-way flight pricing ranges from €13,500 or £12,150 between London and Paris to €35,900 to £32,350 for Paris-Moscow flights.

RouteLegacy 600 Flight Cost
London – Paris€13,500 (£12,150)
London – Geneva / Grenoble / Lyon/ Chambery€15,600 (£14,050)
London – Nice€16,500 (£14,900)
London – Turin€16,700 (£15,050)
London – Milan€15,700 (£14,130)
London – Sion / Bern / Zurich€16,100 (£14,500)
London – Innsbruck / Salzburg€16,700 (£15,050)
London – Moscow€32,000 (£28,800)
London – Marrakech€26,900 (£24,250)
London – Tenerife / Las Palmas€32,300 (£29,100)
Paris – Milan€15,600 (£14,050)
Paris – Moscow€35,900 (£32,350)
Source: PrivateFly

The City Pair concept bridges the gap between on-demand charter where flights are priced based on when you call and when you are traveling and add ferry flights and jet cards offering fixed one-way rates with guaranteed availability.

City Pair pricing is based on booking 14 days in advance. Cancelation window varies.

Business travel by private jet

Separately, Twidell says PrivateFly’s recently launched jet card is driving interest from corporations. With large travel and conference budgets mainly unspent, he says several companies have signed up for its jet card program.

He says companies like the ability to accurately budget travel costs, and buying in increments of 25 hours helps streamline trip authorization.

“In the current situation, things change constantly. When you are chartering on a trip by trip basis, by the time you navigate through the authorization process, the trip might have been called off,” he says.

On the other hand, by inventorying the fixed-rate flight hours in increments of 25 or 50 hours, companies can have private jets ready for their executives and then purchase more flight hours as needed.

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