The Collective Bargaining Agreement covers NetJets’ pilots in both the U.S. and Europe

Pilots for NetJets have ratified revised agreements extending the Collective Bargaining Agreement through the end of 2026. A company option would take the term through 2029.

In the U.S. the new deal includes annual pay increases that will help ensure NetJets’ pilots remain at the top of the market with respect to compensation, according to the company.

It expands upon the variable compensation model introduced in 2018 and includes other compensation and scheduling programs that enable the pilots to earn more as the company grows. The deal also provides NetJets with increased flexibility.

For pilots at NetJets Europe, the deal will introduce a new variable compensation and scheduling program during the summer peak season. It allows pilots to earn more compensation while also enabling the company to meet the service and coverage demands of the peak season.

The company said the deal is “an important step for the long-term stability and growth of our operations in Europe.”

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