NetJets relaunches (RED) as Corporate Angel Card

By Doug Gollan, March 17, 2021

After raising over $2 million for the (RED) Global Fund, NetJets is aligning its cross-country card with Corporate Angel Network

NetJets is relaunching its popular (RED) specialty jet card as the Corporate Angel Card, according to its website. After raising over $2 million for the Global Fund in 2020, the world’s largest private jet operator will now donate one flight hour for each 25-hour card sold to Corporate Angel Network.

Corporate Angel Network works with the business aviation community, coordinating donated flights and seats to transport cancer patients for treatments.

“Through our ongoing partnership with CAN, we are truly changing lives every day. We couldn’t be happier because the new NetJets Corporate Angel Card means that together with our Owners, we have the opportunity to make an even larger impact,” noted NetJets’ president Patrick Gallagher.

NetJets Corporate Angel Card program rules

For customers on flights under 3.5 hours, you get a seven-seat Citation XLS. For longer flights, you fly a mission-capable midsize or super-midsize aircraft, up to eight passengers.

Call-out is just 10-hours or 120-hours on 30 peak days. There is a 25% premium on peak days for the upgraded aircraft to international destinations, plus Hawaii. However, you can fly to destinations in the Caribbean or Mexico on the XLS without the surcharge.

For over 20 years, NetJets has supported the Corporate Angel Network. In addition to donating one flight hour for every NetJets Corporate Angel Card purchased, customers can also give flight hours to CAN. NetJets matches the first 50 hours of donations annually and makes repositioning flights available to CAN. Nearly 200 flight hours were donated to this important mission in 2020.

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