The Flexjet Salute will now greet jet card customers and fractional owners

As part of its COVID-19 avoidances protocols, number two fractional fleet operator Flexjet has introduced contactless boarding.

In January, Flexjet began COVID testing of flight crews. The move followed Operation Lift, introduced at the outbreak of the pandemic.

The initiative enables pilots and cabin servers to forgo commercial airlines’ use to reach their flight assignments aboard its own sterilized fleet of private jets. Over 5,000 flights have been performed, moving over 830 flight crew from over 40 cities to 11 hubs.

Private travel entails less than 20 contacts points compared to over 700 with the airlines. However, Flexjet aims to further reduce risk via contactless boarding.

A new brochure states, “Now, newly choreographed greetings invite our owners onboard without contact. As passengers approach their aircraft, pilots welcome them from a safe distance with their hands over their hearts as
each performs a shallow bend at the waist.”

The company says they have named this “simple motion” the “Flexjet Salute.” In place of a handshake, crew members invite travelers into the cabin from the top of the aircraft stairs using a soft hand gesture.

Once inside, luggage is positioned to avoid close contact. Upon arrival, passengers exit the cabin before crew members. The crew then remove luggage wearing protective gloves.

Every aircraft interior is entirely disinfected before new passengers board. If an aircraft is found to have been exposed to COVID-19, it is immediately removed from service and receives a full electrostatic treatment before the reapplication of MicroShield 360.

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