Sentient Jet launches fixed one-way transatlantic pricing to Europe

By Doug Gollan, May 3, 2021

Jet card leader Sentient Jet is launching fixed one-way rates with guaranteed availability to Europe for the summer

As Europe opens, there are reports of delays up to six hours arriving and transiting major airports. If you are still looking to cross the pond, Sentient Jet offers one-way pricing through Aug. 31.

The transatlantic flights are in a large-cabin jet and include guaranteed WiFi. They need to be booked 14 days in advance.

Eligible aircraft include large-cabin jets certified to participate in the SJ25+ Sentient Jet Large Cabin Card Program that is model years 2000 or later, as designated by the manufacturer. The base charter price is $79,750 between New York and London. U.S. and EU extension cities available for a supplemental fee

Cancelation is 14 days’ notice. The pricing is not eligible on Sentient’s standard peak travel days. The program is only open to Sentient customers, and they can use current account balances to pay for the transatlantic flights.

Sentient offers its jet card members fixed one-way pricing with guaranteed availability for travel within Europe as well.

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