Taos Air relaunches California, Texas by-the-seat private flights

By Doug Gollan, May 8, 2021

Taos Air is connecting Taos to San Diego, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Austin with its by-the-seat private jet flights after halting them due to COVID

Service from private jet terminals by-the-seat from San Diego, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Austin to Taos, New Mexico, restarts July 1, 2021. Each route will get two flights per week.

Since Taos Air operates from private terminals, the airport experience is faster, easier, and simpler. Parking, check-in, and security are hassle-free, with no line-ups. You only need to arrive at the terminal 30 minutes before departure.No baggage fees for up to two bags. 

There are no change fees for flight changes. You pay any difference in fare. In addition, Taos Air includes a 100% carbon offset for its flights.

Summer flights run through Sept. 27. After that, winter service will be available to each destination three days a week between December 16, 2021, through April 4, 2022.

Advanced Air operates the flights. The flights use Hawthorne (HHR) Airport in Los Angeles and Carlsbad (CLD) in North San Diego. Flights to Texas are to Dallas Love Field and Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

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