GlobeAir launches private air/sea cruises with Sea Cloud

By Doug Gollan, May 12, 2021

European Mustang operator GlobeAir is partnered with Sea Cloud to offer private jet flights for passengers embarking on a cruise

GlobeAir, in cooperation with the Hamburg-based shipping company Sea Cloud, will be offering direct flight connections to Sea Cloud II and Sea Cloud Spirit.

GlobeAir will offer flights to reach the ships throughout Europe from summer 2021. With access to more than 900 airports in Europe, GlobeAir can fly passengers from the airport of their choice to the regional or commercial airport, closest to the starting point of their Sea Cloud trip.

The booking process is straightforward; the flight request is forwarded from Sea Cloud Cruises’ distribution partners to GlobeAir, and GlobeAir handles it directly. Sea Cloud Cruises and GlobeAir will then take care of organizing the connection and other passenger requests.

The cooperation between the two companies was born from the strategic considerations and to spur an optimal season’s kickoff for sailing voyages. While scheduled air service will be limited for an extended period due to the COVID19 pandemic, GlobeAir expects up to 20% year-over-year growth in bookings for 2021. Sea Cloud vessels typically depart from Nice, Rome, and Piraeus, near Athens.

“Partnering with Sea Cloud means for GlobeAir to open up the fast lane for 5-star ship travelers and enable them to set sail to some extraordinary journeys with some more comfort. GlobeAir is positioning itself as a pioneer in the field, thanks to the expansion of its portfolio into what it results as a new way to approach the leisure traveling business,” says Dieter Pammer, director of business development at GlobeAir.

GlobeAir sees the collaboration with Sea Cloud Cruises as an opportunity to boost the recognition of its sustainability roadmap called #WeArePlanetA. For Sea Cloud guests, flights will be carbon-neutral as GlobeAir compensates its CO2 emissions with established carbon offset programs.

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