Recruitment key as Air Partner grows in the U.S.

By Doug Gollan, July 7, 2021

Air Partner CEO Mark Briffa says sales talent is the key to its U.S. growth and there’s plenty of room for more

In a video update, Air Partner CEO Mark Briffa told listeners that the U.S. private jet business “remains strong” and there are signs of a recovery in the U.K.

“We started the year off better than we expected,” Briffa said.

While not sharing any numbers, he said, “The U.S. performed exceptionally well.”

Private jet charters, including jet cards, group and cargo charters led the way, according to the CEO. He credited growth in part to recruiting salespeople “coming with books of business.”

Briffa added he expect Air Partner to expands its share in the U.S. “We have less than 1% of the market in the U.S. There’s plenty of scope for growth.

Air Partner recently introduced a trial jet card program in the U.S. called JetCard First Flight.

He called European business, “still a challenge,” adding, “I don’t see that recovering in this financial year.” However, he said the U.K. is seeing signs of recovery with strong bookings in June expected to continue through the summer as travel restrictions ease.

Briffa said the Covid crisis has led Air Partner to focus on supporting employees with more training, mentoring and mental health support.

He also said Air Partner has selected Raleigh International to partner with as it expands its efforts to cut carbon emissions.

Air Partner may add growth through more acquisitions. However, don’t expect it to be involved in the consolidation of the charter market. Instead, Briffa pointed to its Redline safety and security unit as a space for M&A growth.

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