PrivateFly launches Aviator membership in Europe

By Doug Gollan, August 5, 2021

OneSky Flight’s PrivateFly is adding the Aviator membership to its European product line-up, including on-demand charter and jet cards

OneSky’s PrivateFly has launched a dynamic pricing membership program, adding to its line-up of on-demand charter, jet cards, and City Pair fixed-route pricing.

Aviator Membership offers aircraft from the broker’s accredited suppliers. There is also priority access to Flexjet-operated aircraft in Europe and the U.S. Free cancellation up to 120 hours before take-off, plus premium catering and de-icing are included.

Members also receive an annual complimentary helicopter transfer in London by sister company Halo. There is also a 2% “Fly Further” flight credit of up to 2% with each flight. A 300% carbon offset is included for every flight, and there are added value benefits with European luxury hotel partners.

The offering is similar to the Aviator membership launched last year in the U.S. by sister FXAIR, except there is an annual membership fee of €10,000.

Private aviation membership

“Our repeat clients are clearly looking for a greater level of consistency and a premium experience. We already provide exceptional service to established, high-frequency private aviation users via our Flexjet Shared Ownership and premium programs, and our PrivateFly Jet Card, which has proved highly successful since we launched it last year,” says Marine Eugène, European managing director of PrivateFly and Flexjet.

She adds, “However, in addition, we saw a growing number of repeat clients who want aspects of this elevated service, but with the ability to access a variety of different-sized aircraft types from the market; or more varied routes – including outside of Europe or the U.S.”

PrivateFly has been seeing a strong rebound in recent months. Flight bookings year-to-date are now ahead of pre-pandemic levels. In July 86% was from existing clients, versus a pre-pandemic average of 64%.

“With the addition of our new Aviator Membership, we are pleased to offer the only true full 360-degree product suite of private aviation solutions in the market,” Eugene says.

Earlier this year Flexjet launched a jet card program in addition to fractional shares and leases.

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