XO raises hourly rates, extends booking deadlines

By Doug Gollan, September 7, 2021

Vista Global’s XO is the latest jet card or membership program to make adjustments, specifically to its fixed-rate Elite Access membership

Vista Global Holding’s XO Global brokerage unit is increasing rates and extending call-outs, the lead time to book flights, for its fixed-rate Elite Access membership.

In terms of pricing, the hourly rate for light, midsize, and super-midsize private jets is increasing by 7.5%. It simply switched its previous pricing from FET-inclusive to plus the Federal Excise Tax. XO doesn’t have a fixed rate large cabin offering.

For example, the light jet hourly rate is still $5,500, but now plus FET.

Non-peak call-outs are now 72 hours, up from 24 hours. Inside the new window members can still book flights, however, they will be priced dynamically.

XO daily minimums rise

Daily minimums increased for light and midsize jets to 102 minutes, including taxi time, matching super-midsize aircraft.

The other major change is that XO’s Challenger 300 program no longer has a 3.5-hour rate cap. The Citation X rate cap is now just limited to nonstop flights in the Continental U.S.

Still, with several other providers dropping or curtailing their long-flight and transcontinental discounts over the summer, XO’s Citation X cap remains a top value.

In another change, the international daily minimum for Citation X is now 2.2 hours.

Entry to Elite Access remains at the $100,000 level and unused funds are refundable. The $1,000 monthly membership fee remains unchanged.

Other key features like service recovery guarantees, the ability to bring pets, deicing inclusions, and catering credits remain in place.

An XO spokesperson tells us, “With the recent news of jet cardholders experiencing exclusions due to the lack of card availability, XO continues to offer a better option…Our membership programs, including Elite Access and Signature Access, differ from (other programs) that they are fully refundable with zero commitment.”

Vista Global plan growth

XO recently reaffirmed its intentions to extend its light jet fleet. Red Wing Aviation will grow to over 50 entry-level aircraft by the end of 2022.

VistaJet, also part of the group, is expecting to take delivery of 22 Bombarder 350 and Global 7500s during the same period.

In June, Bloomberg reported Vista Global was preparing for a possible IPO via SPAC merger. The company has been active with acquisitions since 2018, picking up XOJET, Red Wing Aviation, Apollo Jets, JetSmarter, and Talon Air.

Over the summer NetJets, Executive Jet Management, Jets.com, and Velocity Jets all put their jet card programs on hold. Prior to stopping its card sales, NetJets had converted 45 peak days to blackout dates. Light jet operator Exec 1 Aviation shelved its mid, super mid, and large cabin fixed rates. It also went to as available for light jets. Other providers have also been hiking hourly rates, extending daily minimums, and adding peak days.

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