Jet Edge breaks multi-million dollar ad campaign

By Doug Gollan, October 15, 2021

With KKR’s backing and a fast-growing fleet of large-cabin Gulfstream private jets, Jet Edge is promoting $36,500 coast-to-coast fixed-rates

Jet Edge is making a big move into building its direct-to-consumer business. It has launched a multi-million dollar ad campaign throughout the fourth quarter.

Full-page ads are running weekly in print editions of The Wall Street Journal. There is a full-page spread in the 2021 Forbes 400 issue. Digital ads will run across dozens of websites, with a widescale retargeting campaign.

Jet Edge
Jet Edge has launched its first consumer ad campaign (above) with placements in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and dozens of targeted websites.

The message is simple and posed as a question. “Fly coast-to-coast in a Gulfstream 450 for $36.5k?”

The answer is, “Yes, It’s never been a better time to join Jet Edge Reserve Membership.”

Alliance Aviation, Ajax Jets, Wheels Up, and XO also offer fixed or capped transcontinental rates.

Jet Edge ranks 8th in flight hours among fractional and charter operators through June, according to data from Argus TraqPak.

Jet Edge’s version of a jet card is refundable. It provides discounted fixed rates between Atlantic and Pacific states with five days’ notice.

Deposit levels are $100,000, $250,000, and $500,00O.

The Columbus, Ohio-based charter operator offers capped hourly rates as available on super mid-large cabin rates.

While the new campaign is promoting transcontinental discounts, the capped rates apply to departures or arrivals within 250 statute miles of VNY, OAK, DAL, TEB, OPF.

It is also one of the few programs to offer one-way pricing to Hawaii.

Jet Edge expansion

Under former NetJets and Marquis Jet Partners executive Bill Papariella, the company has become a force in super-midsize and large-cabin charter.

Chief commercial officer Jonah Adler tells Private Jet Card Comparisons, “We have the largest combined fleet of Challengers and Gulfstreams fully available for charter via membership in the country.”

Jet Edge recently tapped Disney and Pimco alum Noël Bahamón as the chief marketing officer to lead what is its first consumer ad campaign.

Adler says the goal of the campaign is both awareness and to generate trial on its Gulfstream large-cabin fleet. Most long-flight discount offers are on super-midsize jets, often performed by the Citation X.

In June Jet Edge relaunched its charter-focused aircraft management program backed by a $150 million credit facility from KKR.

Owners stipulate how many charter hours they want per year – 250, 500, or 900. In return, they commit 14, 28, or 52 weeks of access to Jet Edge charter clients without owner approval on a trip-by-trip basis.

Then in August, it announced it was adding 27 super-midsize and large cabin private jets that will be flying by December.

In September, Jet Edge revealed a $40 million equity investment from KKR.

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