Jet Linx adds new jet card tier system, rules

By Doug Gollan, October 16, 2021

The management and jet card operator is extending call-outs, departure windows, and minimums for bookings inside the new deadlines

Add Jet Linx Aviation to the latest card program making changes to its program. Yesterday, Sentient Jet introduced surge days with potential restrictions once capacity is filled for those days.

Both companies had stopped taking new members, as have NetJets, Flexjet, Executive Jet Management, Priester, and others. Around 40 companies are still selling fixed-rate jet cards with guaranteed availablity.

In an email to members Jet Linx said the changes – its second in the past months – are in response to “uncharacteristically high industry demand.”

WingX shows continue week-over-week growth in U.S. private jet flights. Argus is predicting October will be another record month. It has already clocked three of the 10 busiest days since records have been kept.

The new tiers, which are effective Nov. 15 will be reviewed every six months. Tiers are based on membership tenure, annual flight hours, average flight length, number of flight hours, and client referrals, and “brand ambassadorship.”

Flights for Nov. 15 and after are subject to the new rules regardless of when they were booked.

Jet Linx CEO Jamie Walker tells Private Jet Card Comparisons, “We didn’t want to have blackout dates. The number one goal is that we are able to serve all our members and not leave anyone stranded.”

Walker says the suspension of new members includes its Miami base, which is due to open later this month. He said the aircraft based at Opa Locka will be used to support current members flying across the network.

Jet Linx jet card tiers

For Tier 1 members, the non-peak domestic booking deadline goes from 48 to 96 hours, with peak days at 120 hours, and international flights at 10 days. They can still book short-notice flights inside the new deadlines with a minimum of two hours and surcharge rates.

The surcharge rates at $2,500, $3,500, $4,000, or $5,000 per hour based on light, mid, super mid, or large-cabin jets. Short notice bookings are not available to Tier 2 or 3 members.

Tier II members’ regular call-out goes 120 hours and 8 days for peak day travel and 12 days for international flights.

Tier III customers now need to book at least 168 hours during non-peak, 10 days for peak, and two weeks for international.

Over the summer, Jet Linx moved its ability to accelerate or delay peak day travel by +/- 6 hours. That stays the same for Tier 1 customers. For Tier II, it goes to 8 hours, and for Tier III members, up to 24 hours in either direction.

An updated Peak Day calendar shows Nov. 20 through 28, Dec. 6, 12, and 18 through Jan. 4 as now being peak days. There are 17 peak days in February, and 16 in March 2022, where the calendar ends.

It also highlights days when there is a greater possibility of departure delay or acceleration.

Hourly rates also increase as well. One-way light jets rates are now $6,375, plus FET.

In creating the tiers, Walker says Jet Linx wanted to recognize tenure, spending customers, and members who have referred others to join.

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