NetJets celebrates anniversary of Global Sustainability initiative

By Doug Gollan, November 1, 2021

The largest private jet operator in the world, NetJets, unveiled a multi-pronged sustainability approach last year

NetJets is marking the first anniversary of its corporate sustainability initiative.

The move essentially brought a number of pre-existing initiatives under a single umbrella.

The company also said it would more proactively promote carbon offset credits to its customers.

In April, NetJets published an update.

Earlier this year, the private jet provider invested in the production of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) through a deal with WasteFuel, which includes an offtake of 100 million gallons of SAF over the next decade.

According to the update, NetJets saw a 71% increase in Blue Skies enrollment. The program encourages share and jet card customers worldwide to take responsibility for the environmental impact of their flight. They can purchase the equivalent amount of carbon credits to ensure their flight activity is carbon neutral.

In July, NetJets Europe became the first customer to purchase Air bp’s sustainable aviation fuel.

Over the past year, the company uplifted over 751,000 gallons of SAF. Over 2.5 million nautical miles were flown with SAF. Approximately $100,000 in CO2 offset by NetJets admin and training flights

“The last year has seen some really exciting advancements for NetJets in our sustainability efforts,” said Brad Ferrell, Executive Vice President of Administrative Services. “We’re energized to see our peers in the private and commercial sectors making sustainability commitments of their own. In the years to come, NetJets looks forward to being at the forefront of sustainable aviation fuel and other initiatives that will keep our industry at the cutting-edge.”

Last month, Private Jet Card Comparisons added a comparison of carbon offset offerings to our 65+ points of comparison between providers.

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