Camber offers 5% off 2022 private jet flights

By Doug Gollan, December 29, 2021

Online charter broker Camber is offering 5% off 2022 flights for funds deposited before the end of the year

Camber, which recently rebranded from Simple Charters, is offering future flight discounts for funded accounts.

Users who create a funded account before the end of the year will save 5% on all 2022 flights.

The online private jet charter broker offers hard quotes with dynamic pricing. That means to flight cost you see when you search can be booked.

Whether they bill themselves as Uber or Expedia of private jets, nearly all on-demand broker sites only provide estimates.

With Camber, you can buy the price you see. The rate is guaranteed. So is service recovery at no additional expense, a rarity in the on-demand charter.

At the same time, Camber has eliminated its 10% administrative fee for refunds. Customers who want a refund can now get all of their unused deposits back.

The minimum for funded accounts is $25,000, and members must maintain a $25,000 balance. The discount applies to whatever you deposit until it’s used.

Funds never expire, and the Funded Accounts allow customers to avoid credit card fees or transfer monies with each booking.

Camber CEO Charles Deanault tells Private Jet Card Comparisons, so far this year the broker has booked flights for 380 unique customers. The average leg cost was $12,000 and it well have flown over 800 revenue legs. He says annual company revenues will end up around $11 million.

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