Online broker SimplerCharters offers a dynamic pricing jet card with hard quotes and instant booking. It has changed its name to Camber

Online charter broker SimpleCharters has changed its name to Camber.

Explaining the change, founder and CEO Charles Denault says, “In aerodynamics, camber is the extent of curvature of an airfoil on a wing. In high-performance racing, camber is the angle of a race track enabling vehicles to maintain such high speeds around turns. But for private aviation, Camber is now the trusted third-party working in the best interests of charter clients, charter operators, and charter brokers alike.”

He adds, “SimpleCharters’ platform started as a simple solution to many flaws in booking private charters and has now become a completely unique piece of technology capable of providing unmatched pricing and service to our customers and operating partners alike. With that said, it no longer felt right to call us simple.”

The broker provides hard quotes online using dynamic pricing, so you can book instantly. Following payment rates are guaranteed, as well as service recovery.

While you can pay flight-by-flight, earlier this year Camber began allowing regular customers to deposit funds.

There are free cancelations within 24 hours of booking.

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