Jet Edge offers real-time Covid-19 testing for employees

By Doug Gollan, February 17, 2022

Fast-growing charter operator Jet Edge has added Cue Health Covid-19 instant results self-testing for employees

Employees, including flight crews at Jet Edge, will now have access to Cue Health’s real-time Covid-19 molecular self-testing. The tests provide instant results.

In a release, the fast-growing Top 10 charter operator says it is “the first private aircraft operator to adopt a molecular self-testing solution, a game-changer for the industry.”

The Cue test uses nucleic acid amplification technology to provide lab-quality COVID-19 test results from any location in 20 minutes.

It is the most accurate self-test for COVID-19 and can detect all known COVID-19 variants, including Omicron, Jet Edge says.

Cue’s lab results are directly connected to mobile devices. That means information can be easily accessed and acted on immediately.

The test can be used on adults and children over two years, with or without symptoms.

“Cue’s breakthrough testing technology allows Jet Edge to further our commitment to the health and safety of our passengers and crews,” said Jonah Adler, Chief Commercial Officer of Jet Edge. “Rather than relying on ever-changing messages from guideline groups, we are now giving each of our employees their own Cue reader and cartridge for daily testing. Their results are fast and actionable. Knowing who is positive and negative each morning greatly lessens our logistical challenges and keeps our passengers and employees even safer.”

“We are proud to help meet the unique testing needs of Jet Edge. The Cue Health Enterprise Dashboard shares test results through a secure, web-based internal application which gives Jet Edge proprietary, timely analytics to swiftly identify trends and make informed safety decisions,” added Chris Achar, Chief Strategy Officer of Cue Health. “With the widely adaptable Cue solution, we can help alleviate the pressures on local testing providers and healthcare systems.”

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