Outlier Jets adds fuel surcharge

By Doug Gollan, April 1, 2022

Jet card broker Outlier Jets is the latest provider to add extra charges due to surging fuel prices

Outlier Jets becomes the second jet card provider to add fuel surcharges this week after Sentient Jet. Magellan Jets, Wheels Up, XO, and VistaJet have all added the extra fees recently.

Outlier fuel surcharges start at $531 per hour for light jets and range up to $1,450 per hour for large-cabin aircraft.

Surcharges are being updated every two weeks.

“They are temporary. We are watching world events,” says Founder and CEO Michael Farley.

Founded in 2018, Farley says the broker is continuing to see growth.

“Member base is growing just north of 25%, however, we are being very transparent about the state of the industry and supply and demand economics,” Farley says.

Outlier did not stop jet card sales, but like virtually all jet card sellers extended call-outs, raised daily minimums, added peak days, and increased hourly rates.

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