Sentient Jet adds fuel surcharge

By Doug Gollan, March 30, 2022

Sentient joins XO, Wheels Up, VistaJet, and Magellan Jets as the latest jet card seller to add a fuel surcharge to its hourly rates

Directional Aviation’s Sentient Jet is the latest jet card seller to add a fuel surcharge.

Since the beginning of the year, XO, Wheels Up, VistaJet, and Magellan Jets have all added the extra charger.

Some providers such as Jet Linx Aviation and Jet Aviation have always had a fuel surcharge.

In the case of Sentient, light jets will see a $440 per hour surcharge, and Midsize jets will get a $540 per hike. Super Midsize flyers will pay an extra $700 per hour, while Large Cabin jet travelers will spend an additional $840.

The fuel surcharge is only applicable to renewals, new customers, or cards that have had their usage period expire.

For current clients who purchased prior to March 29th that are in an active usage period – 12 months from the purchase date of their card, the fuel surcharge does not apply.

According to a notice to customers, the surcharge will be calculated based on actual flight hours, inclusive of taxi time.

For flights under daily minimums, the fuel surcharge will only be charged against actual flight time and taxi time.

According to the communication, “Fuel rates are updated periodically to reflect current market conditions and are subject to change without notice.”

A spokesperson for Sentient confirmed the surcharges, calling them “consistent with industry trends.”

Fuel surcharges are included in QUICK COMPARE FLIGHT PRICING by Private Jet Card Comparisons for paid subscribers.

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